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    Have you had any more thoughts about creating a "screen on" patch?

    I have a pre but it is a pain to have to open the slider everytime - maybe something like pressing the volume buttons?
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    **EDIT**** Tried again just now and downloaded/installed fine **

    Just tried to install screenoff via preware - I get an install error

    Begin installation of ...
    Installing (0.0.1) to root
    An Error occured, return value: 22.
    Failed to download Perhaps you need to run 'ipkgupdate' ?
    Collected errors:
    ipkg_download: ERROR: Command failed with return value 1: 'wget --passive-ftp -q -P /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/tmp/ipkg-eaA5mr'
    wget: content-length 148 is garbage
    ErrorGenericMethodException: Failure during "install" operation

    Im on 1.4.5 on o2 UK

    Can you help??


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    I'm not waiting for the power button to fail. By reducing the number of times I need to push the mechanical power button, I save wear on it and extend its usable lifetime. Also, this app is very convenient for turning off the screen with the slider is still open. With the slider open I can push the symbol key or shift and save another push. I wish I'd gotten into homebrew sooner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fvbhyt View Post
    may be a misunderstanding.
    When using touchstone to run ScreenOff , it will result in failure of the touch screen. Must be reset your pre.I think this may be a bug.
    I don't think a reset is necessary, you just need to turn the screen on and off with the power button and it goes back to normal. That's if if still works.
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    I know there are a lot of people who don't know about this app. I tried to get them to feature it on the palmcast with no success
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    My power button broke, so I started using this app, and I was really happy it existed. But I started noticing my battery was lasting a lot longer than it used to. Originally I thought it was another app, but I stopped using it and it didn't change anything. Then I decided to try not using this app and now the battery last longer again. So does it do anything that would suck down the battery faster? Like is there anything running in the background, or is the screen off just a fakeout or anything?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gobanjoboy View Post
    ScreenOff is not designed to turn the screen off while on the touchstone.

    If you would like to turn the screen off while on the touchstone, you can check out QST. It will let you turn off your screen while on the touchstone.


    Good Option for using while the Protector is on
    no nweed to pill it off and then swithc
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    Thanks for this! My daughter "inherited" my older Pre, and the power button just broke while travelling. How cool to Google this on Precentral and get the quick fix until I contemplate "surgery" tomorrow.

    Precentral community to the rescue!! (again)
    No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced
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    Quote Originally Posted by gobanjoboy View Post
    Is your Palm Pre power button broken? This app can serve as a replacement. Run this app and it will turn your screen off.

    Open your slider to turn your Pre's screen on again.

    ScreenOff |

    I just submitted this to homebrew. It's awaiting approval.

    Until it hits the feeds you can download it from here ..

    As stated above, ScreenOff is meant to replace your power button. It does not do anything that the power button doesn't do. If you are looking to turn the screen off while it is on the touchstone, take a look at my other app, QST.
    Awesome app = pre #7 started acting wierd, my frankenpre+ est.11-2010. I subject this phone to horrible abuse, take it to shower, put on ledge, for mp3's or pandora each day and I use it almost non-stop. Anyway, Power button stuck but not visibly stuck, so removed power button to no avail. reboot/battery pull to no avail. Took a screwdriver to the contact switch and "removed/destroyed it" (yeah, knowing I'll be getting a pre3 soon).

    So left with no power switch but problem solved = at least the phone doesn't try to turn off every 2 seconds. BUt now how to turn off the phone? Your app rocks for this. I might add it to start launcher.

    Is there any other patches similar, I'd like one from the pulldown menu for convenience?
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    use it all the time. Thanks.
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    hmm, brute force of removing power button doesnt seem to be helping...still getting prompted every 2 seconds for power off aiplane or cancel.

    will retry redoctoring next
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    after some more knife surgery to the contact ive solved the short circuit problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbears View Post

    Thanks for the nice upload. If the power button is broken, I don't think
    you can open your slider... correct me if I am wrong though... :-)
    The power button is in the upper right hand corner of the palm pre nest to the off ringer button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mike1976 View Post
    Have you had any more thoughts about creating a "screen on" patch?

    I have a pre but it is a pain to have to open the slider everytime - maybe something like pressing the volume buttons?
    Agree with mike1976, is it posibble to make this "screen on" patch by using Vol.button? In Android, there were several case that the power button on Nexus One got wear out, than to "screen on" the screen, some developer made apps that using vol.button.
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