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    Also where is the starting point the picture of the car or the picture of the little red ballon with dot. Hmm I guess you have to put zip code in as well I just tried an address and it didn't take me anywhere near where I wanted to go.
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    I found the easter egg cool feature! I will have to learn French so I can see what the other items mean. What distance is the calculations in? I am going to assume km if so can you add a toggle switch for miles?
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    Ahh with the correct address conventions it was dead on. Thanks I also figured out that the car is the starting point. DUHH the numbers in the bubbles are minutes, please forgive me for asking the question about miles. :-)
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    I guess I am your unofficial beta tester. Another cool feature would be the ability to send reminders intervals until the time to leave recommended by the program.

    Also for the ending point putting an icon like a stop sign, finish flag, or a picture of a building would be a little tweak
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    How do you clear events from Procrastinator?
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    Dropbox links are broken.
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