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    Android has recently gotten an unofficial Audible app. It was created by a independent developer. So it seems that Audible will supply the source code to create an app to anyone that wants a device to work on their system . So My question is "Homebrew save us" ? I hope that someone for homebrew or WebOS internals can create an audible app.
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    A look here seems to imply audible has put it in Palm's court.
    Can I use my phone that runs the WebOS (e.g. Palm Pre & Pixi) operating system with Audible?
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    They keep saying that - have been for a year - but neither of them is working with anyone else. They are LYING.
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    If Palm doesn't release the API's that a developer needs to properly develop an app for WebOS, then it's Palm's fault that there is no app. That is why there is no Shazam, Docs to Go editing, etc. The currently released API's for media have handicapped developers.

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