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    i find it rather annoying to edit adress details in this manual fashion and wonder of what use an app like the following would be:
    - mini-web-service on WebOS
    - open adressdatabase (/var/palm/somewhere) and show the contacts on the
    - possibility to modify or add datasets

    what do you think?
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    I sync with Google, that's my interface
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    yes, Google and Facebook and bla works.
    but i wont put my data on google/facebook/$big_company servers.

    the syncing features of the web os thing are too google-centric in my opinion.
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    The phone is designed to sync with the Palm servers and Google for contacts.

    If you don't like those options you can look for a different phone. The iPhone for example syncs with Apple servers (hmmmm). I have no idea what Android phones sync with but I'm guessing Google.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djmcgee View Post
    The phone is designed to sync with the Palm servers and Google for contacts.
    Designed by some company, maybe.
    Fixable with Homebrew, certainly.

    The adress database (and many more stuff) is stuffed into one sqlite3 database.
    this database can be manipulated like any other database.
    so im am not here to get informed what palm/hp thinks theirs customers should use (dont care), but instead to talk about the technical possibilites...


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