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    No Agenda on Web OS - jingles, fanart and stuff.
    No Agenda is podcast/show made by Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak on a regular basis.
    This app is for the lovers and haters of this show to have the jingles ready at hand and the beautiful fan art presentable.

    This is an early version to get me started.
    Comments are welcome (Yes they are).
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    (there's a homebrew app called Agenda)

    jus sayin..
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    In the Morning!

    Good to see a NA app. I had thought about making one but never got around to it. I certainly hope Adam will make mention to it. I'm tired of hearing about how the NA Iphone app rocks. Go WebOS!
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    In the Morning!

    Dude! Sweet! Definitely need to add these jingles:

    2 to the Head
    You've been De-******d
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyPre View Post
    (there's a homebrew app called Agenda)

    jus sayin..

    Thanks OP. It's a good start. Looking forward to more features, (live radio, archives, NA chat?)
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    ITM all. Hope you add chat, podcast play, and live streaming with alarms.
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    It may also be nice to have quick links to some of the popular sites like and etc.

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    new version is out, this time with some more jingles and a link to the livestream.

    next would be a better user interface and integraation of all the different links of the no-agenda universe.

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    ITM!!! I like where this is going. Need to add some hookers and blow next! :-)
    Je fais ce que je veux avec mes cheveux!!! Sprint: Pre+ 2.1
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    Thanks for the app.

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