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    French Survival Guide is a simple french audio phrasebook! :]

    The Lite version, available currently only as an homebrew app, features only about 90 phrases, while the full version will contain more than 700!

    For each phrase, you have 3 text information available: english / french / help to pronunciation.

    You also get Favorite / Search functions which will help you find quickly what you need.

    All audio files are stored on your phone so you don't need any costly roaming to access them abroad.

    I need your help!
    I don't have a Pre :'(
    I want to make sure the audio currently works ... I'm not even sure it does! As I can't test the audio through the emulator ...

    Im developping for Android at the same time, and the mp3 files volume level are "ok" to hear them very clearly through my phone. But what about the Pre? Maybe its speakers are weaker ...

    Finally ... Do not forget that the volume of the phrases played will be linked to your MEDIA volume ... This is very important not to report false alarm

    Thanks in advance for all the help!!
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    - initial version of the application.
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    Up! The app is now available :]
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    #4 n'entends rien. J'appuie partout, mais pas de son...
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    Aie aie aie .. My worst fear!
    You confirm even on the first section it doesnt work? There is no sound for the others it would be "normal" on the lite version ..
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    Ah. Sorry.

    Ok...tested first section and it works fine.

    You should have a full version, then a full-bodied version where you can choose a woman's voice.

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    The full version is coming of course!
    For the woman's voice, unfortunately my fiancee doesnt speak good enough french, but in the future, who knows

    What about the sound level?
    Did you succeed to make it crash visibly? What happens if you tap quickly multiple times on a row?

    Thanks for your help.
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    No crashes to speak of. I'm running an SFR GSM Pre Plus with UberKernal and about 60 patches. Video and MusicPlayer(Remix) were running and open at the same time.

    When played on top of the MusicPlayer, the Player would pause and hand over audio to FSG, but not give back automatically. (Perhaps a nice feature to do?)

    Starring favorites closed the detail view of a list item. IMO, not necessarily desirable.

    Volume too low. Media vol and bluetooth stereo both on but I still had to strain to hear. Using this as one's proxt speaker in a busy Metro will not be possible.

    Tapping multiple times, or elsewhere just made the audio restart. No problems there.

    Search was effective in French, English and (!) phonetic (e.g. " voo kom") Not sure how helpful that last one is. ;-) YMMV.
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    I think starring doesnt make it always close but maybe the tapping zone for favorites is slightly too small. I will see for that.

    Indeed I can remove the search on phonetic

    For the sound level ... That is a deal breaker ... Ay ... My mp3 are already mostly amplified to the limit of acceptable quality. I will see what I can do. I think that on my N1 the .wav sounds much stronger than the equivalent.mp3 ... I can try to send another version in .wav so you can compare??

    Merci for the valuable input!!

    p.s. unfortunately more changes / full version will have to wait a little bit, I'm moving from one continent to another soon =p Bad timing ...

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