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    Preface1: So I did a couple searches, and couldn't find anything in previous threads. Just throwing out an idea that I'm not even sure is possible, or legal.

    Preface2: This is more of a rant that I thought would be more healthy for my career if I did here instead of in the office. I just got out of a meeting where a marketing director (I'm an entry-level engineer) was voicing concerns about an upcoming product. She would have her say, and when I was responding to her questions/concerns, I noticed I was talking to the top of her head because she was busy on her blackberry. I don't want to whine to you guys too much about the rest of the back-story, but that's the main part (her being extremely rude).

    Is it possible to develop a 3G signal jammer app for the Pre? I know almost nothing about how this would work, but the app would be written to use the Pre's 3G radio to send out some sort of jamming signal which would confuse 3G devices within a 10 foot radius. Is it possible? Legal? I will donate to any interested devs.

    Perhaps I could expense it to my company as a productivity tool.

    Edit: Sorry for posting in the wrong forum...
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    Not possible and probably not legal...

    HowStuffWorks "Cell Phone Jamming Basics"

    The legality:

    It is considered property theft according to that article.
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    Doesn't sounds too legal lol
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    It sounds like a lot of fun mind you!
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    "...human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together! MASS HYSTERIA!"

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    Illegal.. thank you.
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    ha ha.

    Perhaps an entry level engineer should just be thankful to have the top of the head of a marketing director to speak

    I do appreciate the levity and comedic break, however.
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    I think there is the makings of a Dilbert cartoon in here somewhere... ;-)
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    This app already exists. It's called the iphone. Ask any AT&T user about how iphones jam their 3G data connectivity.....

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