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    Hi everyone,

    There have been quite a few requests for this after the NHL and NBA apps, so here ya go, an MLB Scores app!

    The initial version 0.8.5 shows the scores of all games, but doesn't include per-game detailed stats yet. Once my day job settles down I will add this and release an update, but in the interim I thought this might be useful to some people.

    Once it is approved, you can find it here:

    Thanks for all the support!
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    hey kool app now i dnt have to watch my dodgers just check the score..thanks!!
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    Love this app first of all. For the past couple of months noticed some wierd stuff. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck. First, the icon for the TB Rays isn't displaying. Second, I have the time zone set to CST and afternoon games (1:05pm EST) are showing up as starting 12:05am instead of 12:05pm. Anyone else experiencing this?
    Look forward to future updates.
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    Now how about an NFL Scores app?
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    Quote Originally Posted by magistus View Post
    Now how about an NFL Scores app?

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