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    Quote Originally Posted by DrewPre View Post
    Click to view quoted imageIf you're rough on phones like me, then you'll appreciate this app.

    If you've rendered your volume up and down keys inoperable thru repeated use and wear and tear then Speaker Phone v1.0 is the solution.

    Not terribly complex. I built this mostly for myself. I have no intentions on it being in the palm catalog or anything.

    If there are others out there in the same situation as i am with my phone not being covered under warranty, then you'll appreciate this also.

    Click to view quoted image
    Click to view quoted image
    I have a GSM Pre 2 ith broken Up-volume an installed speaker-phone today and it works like a charm :-) you did a very, very damn good work. Thank You!!!
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    ver 101 and 100 don't install either via preware on fone or ay webosqi either via list or via ipk downloaded ...what's with that? I had it on there more... is there some kind of incompatibility with some other app/patch?
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