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    I like the new card design - especially the fuel ones. Takes a lot of ambiguity away.
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    Just completed another feature, one that's been asked about for a while now. When a player has Right-of-Way, an end-of-limit will fade in over speed limit, and a roll card will fade in over a remedy. I've posted a video so you can see it in action . Note the video has been slowed down 3x; the animation lasts only 2 seconds.
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    Excellent addition! You'd think I'd be able to tell by the background color changes, but I get so focused on the cards, I don't see it.
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    Oh man, I really wanted to port my Mille Bornes game and then I see SDL Mille. Wonder why I didn't see it before. My version of Mille Bornes is written in Perl, but I'm sure I can get a javascript version out quickly. Just saying you might have some competition soon.

    P.S. I would gladly test on a Pixi.
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    rsanchez1, I not only welcome but also encourage competition. If two clones become available, we'll both be pressured to create the best game and best experience possible. If you do proceed with your port, I hope you will consider licensing it under the GPL or another open-source license, so we can all benefit from your innovation.

    I will send you a Pixi build here in the next few days for testing.
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    I will release it under an open source license, like my other project currently in the Preware Homebrew Gallery. I was wondering about something: did you have to go getting permission from Hasbro to distribute your game, or is distributing it under the name SDL Mille enough to not have to get permission?
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    I'm guessing he's just trying to fly under the radar. Rally 1000 got away with it for a while. I don't remember if he got a C&D but I think that's why he pulled it.
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    In that case, I'll fly under the radar for now. However, if they do end up sending me a C&D after I release my version, I think it would then be a better idea to work out a license agreement and release the app as a paid app.
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    Considering that SDL Mille is open-source, I haven't made one red cent from it, and Hasbro has (to my knowledge) no intent to distribute an official copy of the game, I can only assume that it's of little interest to them at this time.

    Testing the game on the Pre, I discovered that the fade effect didn't work on the actual device. Rather than pull my hair out trying to fix it, I changed the effect from a fade to an animation. A roll card and/or end-limit card will spawn from the Right-of-Way card and move to the appropriate piles.

    I've also distributed a test build for the Pixi to some testers. I await their feedback.
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    After some testing, it definitely plays well on my Sprint Pixi. The only thing I saw that needed work was the first page of the Learn menu showing the cards is a little too big for the Pixi's screen, and the bottom is being cut off.
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    Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad to hear that it's running well. I'll fix the card chart before making an official release for the Pixi.

    I just finished up the celebration screen. I hope it suits all of you.

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    I just had a near-perfect hand while testing beta2. I missed out only on one coup-fourré, for a score of 4,300 out of 4,600 possible.

    I feel like beta2 is ready, so I'm testing the latest build on my Pre. If I find no bugs by tomorrow afternoon, I will send the build to some Pixi users for testing. If they find no bugs by New Year's, I will release it then.
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    Heh, I think that's my record too. Great progress! Can't wait to try the latest beta on my Pre!

    Happy Holidays!
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    can you pass along the newest version to us pre users? i am still on 0.5.0 and love playing, but would also love to help you test. i think that playing the game > 15 times per week shows my level of support...
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    I've not done any testing, but I would like to make a suggestion. Instead of saying "click," it should say "tap."
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    If I submit this app to the official catalog, then I'll have to change some of the wording to fit in with Palm's rules. For the time being, since the game also runs on PCs, I think I'll stick with "click."

    As requested, I'll release beta2 here a little bit early. If evertyhing goes smoothly, I'll post in on Preware tomorrow night.

    beta2 Changelog
    • Pixi support
    • Modified card design
      -New graphics for fuel cards, speed limit, and end limit
      -Enlarged graphics for milestones and traffic signals
      -Thicker color bands, moved to edge of card
      -Cards have drop shadows
      -Draw pile shows card back
    • When a safety is played (except a coup fourré) for which the player is affected by the corresponding hazard, it will be turned into a remedy. For the right-of-way safety, this action is animated
    • Celebration screen when human player wins
    • Automatic saving and restoring of games
    • New legal screen. Use finger to pan, double-click to return to main menu
    • Loading graphic shown when entering tutorial or game play
    • The game is no longer lost when returning to the main menu
    • Appropriate verbiage on score screen
    • “Fuel” label in card chart renamed to “Empty Tank”
    • A click is ignored if the pointer has moved more than 5 pixels since pressing down

    Direct link to package
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Treo 300 > Hitachi G1000 > PPC-6700 > PPC-6800 (Mogul) > PPC-6850 (Touch Pro) > Palm Pre & HTC EVO Optimus V
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    Nice! Setting the bar higher for my app.
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    Indeed. I too have plans (much farther out than you probably) to write an OpenGL based multiplayer mille borne game (gotta finish my OGL yahtzee game first). My wife and I both love this version but we're aching to play together. I figure why nag a developer to rewrite a bunch of code they aren't getting paid for when you can just do it yoursef. Anyhow, keep up the good work man. You are the author of the most used app on my wife's Pre. Good job.

    - Phil-
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    thanks so much for the preview. so far 0.5.2 works well on my pre+ with webos 1.4.5, but on my pre2 with webos 2.0.1, it is very hard to tap on the cards. something in the way you are handling the tap location or the tap radius is different between the 2 versions of the device/os.
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    Love it! The graphics overhaul is terrific.

    Two cents on the new "empty tank" graphics. I'd vote to use the new hazard but keep the old tanker truck safety and gas pump remedy. I understand where you were going with the gauges—playing that remedy looks cool—but miss the old graphics for those. If you do keep the remedy, perhaps you could bury the needle so the "F" is fully visible (it's nitpicky, but when full they both look like Es).

    The thick borders really make a difference. The new speed limit graphics are perfect—even better than the original card game in my opinion. And I thought animating Right of Way tripping the lights was a very clever solution!

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