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    @Rockbeast What did you use to write your message to the board? Was it a computer or your phone? If the phone is the only way for you to connect, there are a few options. If a computer, there's another way. I'm sending you a PM with my email address so you can tell me the above & I can walk you through the steps you need to take.

    If you don't know how to get a PM (personal message), look at the top of the screen. In the left corner you will see "User CP". Click on this to go to your user control menu. (If you don't see User CP, login to the forums) there you will find your inbox with my message.
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    @dallashigh I think I found a bug in the latest version or a rule I don't know about. I'd like to send you a screen cap, but every time I try to, it results in a black image (suprised - first time that's happened - anything weird about your code that would interfere with screen cap?) so I will have to describe the board to you.

    My side: 650 points, roll on, speed limit remedy on, steering wheel safety, and blue (green?) truck safety, green tableu).

    Computer: 300 points, NO roll but one of the car remedies (i can't tell them apart), speed limit remedy on, red truck safety, car front safety, RED tableu.

    The deck has run out and I have no cards that play so I am discarding until the game ends. To my surprise, the computer's tableu turns green and he begins playing miles! He did NOT play a roll card NOR is one showing on his pile, yet his tableu is green & he is playing.

    I don't know if this is a bug or some variant rule you have that when the deck is gone everyone can play as if he has a free roll card (that doesn't appear on his pile). If it's a rule, it had better appear as an option when you make the option screen.

    When we play, regardless of the state of the deck or point in the game, if you don't have a roll or the right of way safety, you CAN'T play miles. That smack of cheating - "I'm stick but when the deck runs out I'm free". If the cards run out and you don't have a roll, that's just your tough luck and you lose.

    I hope I've made this clear enough without the screen cap. If it would help, I could take a picture of the screen with a camera & attach it.
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    Isn't the "red truck" (fire truck) the right-of-way safety? If the top card wasn't a remedy but a hazard, his tableau would turn green once he played the appropriate remedy because he has the right of way, no roll required.

    I mentioned a possible variant (last paragraph of this post) we play, which is to pull out an earlier roll card to put atop the pile in this situation so it's clear that player is in fact rolling again.
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    I'd like to add my thank you for bringing back a classic. Perhaps a warning needs to be posted as to how addictive Mille Bornes can be "Just one more game... I can stop any time I want!", with a link to a 12 step program.
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    govotsos, I think you'll find the beta much more to your liking, when it's released. As for your bug report, I believe zParticle has the right answer. The red truck is the right-of-way safety, and the computer must have played a remedy after the deck ran out. Unfortunately, due to the way webOS handles SDL apps, it's not possible to take a screen shot of one.

    Rockbeast, if you need any more help getting this installed on your Pre, please don't hesitate to PM me.

    mrdmc, I know exactly what you mean Mille Bornes is the only game I've ever had on a PDA that I didn't get tired of. I guess in a way, its addictiveness is a good thing!
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    @dallashigh If the red truck is the right of way safety, it might be better to handle it the way Rally 1000 did - when you play a remedy, a roll card is placed on your pile. Much clearer. Don't worry about rockbeast, I'm taking him step by step tonight.
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    Folks, the beta is finally here! Get the IPK here, or wait for it to show up in Preware.

    Full changelog:
    Overhauled tutorial, including explanation of the card design
    Modified card design
    -Flat tire remedy, safety, and hazard have changed from "the green car" to actual tire icons
    -Accident "red car" hazard has been made more disctint from its remedy
    -Safeties have a distinctive background
    Card captions: shows a description of the selected card. Can be disabled
    Menu with options, and selections to start a new game or return to the main menu
    -Fast game option: computer makes play in 200ms instead of 500.
    Cancel button: during an accidental click, drag your finger to the black 'X' and then lift your finger. The click will be disregarded, and the current selection will be cleared
    Much faster graphics rendering
    Reduced horizontal (left-to-right) dead zone, to minimize missed clicks
    Play selected card by clicking on a tableau
    -Clicking the opponent's tableau only plays hazards
    GPL logo on main screen, goes to a screen with GPL notices
    Copy of GPL license included in webOS package, as COPYING file
    Added webOS launcher icon
    Fix erroneous trip extension if hand ends with trip uncompleted
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    Sweet! Great work on everything! This game is really showing some polish, especially with the helpful card reference and other tutorial screens.

    Speaking of which, since the other items on that screen describe the hazard condition, what about using "Out of Gas", "Empty Tank", or "Low Fuel" instead of just "Fuel"?

    I think the iconic graphics are really clear now. The only one I think could be tweaked would be to remove the red from the "End of Limit" card (perhaps using grey for the "not" symbol), to make it look more like a "positive" effect than a "double negative".

    Have you noticed that when you select the new tire remedy it looks really cool? It actually looks more like a real tire that way.

    Now that it's in beta I'll ask if you're planning some sort of "celebration" screen at the end of a 5000-point game? At the moment there's no distinction between the end of one round and the end of the game unless you're paying close attention to the point totals.

    Thanks for the great game!
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    Really like the new version. One thing I really wish it would do that I liked from the Palm OS version. If you play the Right of Way safety, a speed limit hazard will be replaced with a speed limit remedy and if you play a remedy on a hazard, a roll card appears on the top of your pile. I know the roll & no speed limit are implied by the RoW safety, it just makes it a little clearer to have them explicitly there and not just assumed.
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    Very nice - excellent job!
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    WOW, thanks for the improvements, I can actually tell what the card do now. Nice
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    I think "Empty Tank" is definitely better than fuel. Plus, that will put them back in alphabetical order. I will be looking to tweak the rest of the cards as the betas continue, including the speed limit/end-of-limit. Oh, and I did notice that about selecting the tire remedy. One of those cool little coincidences!

    The celebration screen is definitely coming, too. I actually wanted to get one into the first beta, but alas time did not permit.


    I will be adding such a feature here pretty soon. I will have to do some sort of animation with it, so it may take some time. My fear is that, without an animation, I will get reports of the computer playing a roll card out of turn. Anyways, I'm glad that you are enjoying the current release!
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    The latest version is running well and there are few issues.

    One thing to add to the wish list - some kind of notification when the computer extends the game.

    About the safety card pictures - I'm color blind so the fuel & right of way are difficult to distinguish. Maybe a picture of a fuel pump for the fuel safety? A suggestion for all the safeties - maybe the picture of the remedy but with the yellow background instead of white? Even a color blind person like me can tell the difference between white (no tint) and yellow (tinted) backgrounds. Besides, all the hazards & remedies have a bar at top and bottom. That suggests another way to differentiate safeties - a double bar at top and bottom.

    Thanks again for a great game!
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    I'm French and I definitely LOVE Mille Bornes ! But is there any to compile it for the Pixi ?

    Thank you very much in advance,
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    I have finished my code review finally, so now I'll be working on the second beta. I'll post more details about it when it nears completion.


    You should see a message on the computer's tableau when it extends the trip. It will appear for 2.5 seconds after extension. I may increase the text size and leave it on-screen longer, to make sure it's seen.

    I think your idea for the safeties is a good one. I'll be working more on the safeties as I prepare for beta2.


    I will support the Pixi at some undetermined time in the future. It will be difficult as I don't have access to a Pixi, not to mention I'll have to find a way to squeeze the graphics to fit on the screen. I honestly don't foresee the experience of this game on the Pixi being very enjoyable, but we'll see how it turns out.
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    Stupid question. I haven't used the emulator so I don't know. Can it emulate the Pixi too or just the Pre? Would that work w/ SDL for testing?

    I don't know if you ever played Rally 1000 (mille bourne clone) on the Palm. But that was a 320 x 320 screen too. Would it help if I set you some screenshots of that to see how it was laid out? Of course that was a stylus not finger screen so he could get away with scrunching things tighter
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    Regarding compiling for the Pixi: I recall reading that if you don't set a screen size (or something of the sort) it'll work on the Pixi and just have narrow black bars on the sides. It's on the palm developer site in a section about getting started. You just have to set a compiler flag to use 320x240 when testing on the computer or it'll go full screen there as well. I've honestly not tried it since my SDL app hasn't been device tested yet... Though it's quite playable so maybe I should. Looks like I've got something to do tomorrow.

    Oh and great job. My wife and I are hooked. Now if it were only multiplayer...

    - Phil -
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    There is an emulator for the Pixi. I can use that to test my app, but I won't know how it performs on the device itself. I'll probably recruit some testers to make sure performance is acceptable before making a public release. For the time being, my plan for the Pixi is to move the Coup Fourres to a 1x4 configuration instead of 2x2, which will make it a lot easier to fit everything on-screen. The horizontal resolution of the Pixi is the same as the Pre, so I only have to worry about losing 80 pixels vertically.

    Multi-player would be quite an effort. If there is enough interest, I may add it to the list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dallashigh View Post
    Multi-player would be quite an effort. If there is enough interest, I may add it to the list.
    Are you planning to port this to other mobile platforms? If so, I'd do that first to establish a broad user base who can play against each other. Then perhaps multiplayer could be part of a paid version to make it worth the extra effort.

    This game just keeps getting better!
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    Boy, it's been a loooong, busy semester. I didn't have much time to work on the game while I was in school, but the semester is over and I've already gone back to hacking away.

    I've worked some more on Pixi support. The game is theoretically playable, but not pretty, on the Pixi at this point. I say theoretically because I still don't have an actual device to test it out on. I'll try to get a Pixi build ready for testers here in the near future.

    I've also tweaked the cards a bit. The color bands are now 5 pixels tall instead of 2, and I've moved them to the edge of the card. The fuel cards have a new design as well. You can check it all out in this screen shot:

    However, in my opinion the most exciting addition is saving and restoring games. After each move, the game is automatically saved. Close the card any time you want; when you come back and press play, the game is fully restored--including the previous scores--as if you never left. If you prefer to start a new game, you can always do so from the menu.

    I hope to have the second beta out by early January. If you are interested in testing on the Pixi, please send me a private message. Play on!
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