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    Simple app draws a ruler on the screen of your pre (or pixi).
    Incremented to 1/32".<br />
    I have checked this on my pre against 2 other rulers and it's accurate as far as I can tell (as long as the app is full screen, it's obviously not accurate in card view).<br />
    I suggest you have a screen protector before measuring objects directly on your screen.<br />
    This is my first app and it was created using the Palm Ares Project.<br />
    Future versions will include metric (cm/mm), point and pica rulers.
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    Where is is hosted?
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    I just created this forum thread prior to submitting to homebrew apps (which I also just completed). So, I guess it'll be available as soon as they push it thru.

    I know, it's an awesome app that you MUST have RIGHT NOW!!!!
    In that case, you can get it here:
    I will assume you know how to install manually.
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    Awesome app. Would like a cm-version though

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