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    Strategic Offensive - A Miniature War Game Army List Manager by

    Current Version: 0.4.1

    Strategic Offensive has three major goals:
    • Assist miniature war gamers with constructing their army lists.
    • Give miniature war gamers easy access to all of their army lists.
    • Share these army lists with other gamers.

    6/20/2010 - Fixed Features in the 0.4.1 Update

    The Critical Data Overwriting Bug has been fixed in Version 0.4.1. If you are running an earlier version, then please update as soon as possible.

    Since this version was released out of cycle, there are several new features which do nothing. One is the Manage Rule Sets Button on the Home Page and the Other is the Check Button on the Edit Army List Page

    Download Version 0.4.1 Here

    I'll be adding this update to the home Brew Apps catalog shortly.

    5/19/2010 - New Features in the 0.4.0 Update
    • Armies can now be given a description and an image. The image can either be loaded from the phone or taken with the camera.
    • Units can now be edited, so you can fix dumb spelling mistakes like Tua Firewarriors or fix point costs. Please note that if a unit is edited, it will be modified for every list the unit is in.
    • The army list name is displayed at the top of the page instead 'Army List Name Will Go Here'

    Download Version 0.4.0 Here

    This will also be in the homebrew apps list shortly.

    It will probably be a while to version .5 will be released, because it is going to add a lot of functionality.

    5/1/2010 - New Features in the 0.3.5 Update:
    • The ability to email an army list to someone.
    • A new layout of the Add Unit screen(See the screen shots above).
    • Numerous code changes to make things cleaner for me.

    Download 0.3.5 Here

    I'll be submitting the changes to the Homebrew section shortly.

    This initial beta release contains the following features(0.3.0):
    • Creation of New Units
    • Building of Army Lists from these Units
    • Calculate the Point Total of the Army List
    • Display the Army List in an Easy To Read Format
    • Search for Units with a Custom Tag System

    Download Strategic Commander 0.3.0

    Future releases will add numerous other features, but I will discuss those as they become available.

    Currently, Strategic Commander is compatible with just about any game which uses a numeric point system for army list construction.(This includes popular games like Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Heroscape, and many others). However, for copyright reasons, I cannot include any unit stat data with the software.

    License Info: This application is available for free, but cannot be redistributed, and the source code is not open source.

    Installation Info: This application can be installed the same way any other .ipk file is installed. I will be submitting it to the Home Brew Apps list after I finish this thread.

    Since I couldn't attach a .ipk file to this post, here is a link to the file on my website.
    Last edited by RockoRobotics; 06/20/2010 at 01:46 PM. Reason: Fixing a Critical Bug in Version 0.4.0
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    Quit these tabletop games a long time ago, but for anyone that still does play, this app looks really cool! I do play DoWII though! Still love the 40K series
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    Seems interesting, I'll give it a look-see
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    So I was assembling a list for a 40K Apocalypse game last night and I came across a huge bug which will cause your entire unit database to be overwritten.

    Until I update the app, do NOT use the edit unit functionality. For some reason it caused my entire unit database to become Tau Piranha Squadrons.

    Everything other function works fine. I'll be working today to solve this problem.
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    Awesome! Would be much quicker to pull up a unit
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    With the release of version 0.4.1, I have fixed the bug which can cause your entire unit database to be overwritten. As a general rule, it is best to add a where clause to your update statements.....

    If you are running an earlier version, please update as soon as possible.

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