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    Saw this on a friends Android and he was spending hours just adding and subtracting. It randomly chooses a number up to 20 for the first release, will listen to feed back to see how high to set it. Thinking 50 or 100. Randomly chooses addition or subtraction. Just key in your answer, you do not have to click submit. if the your answer is correct or greater than the correct answer, it will automatically give you feedback.

    Please give feedback on what you think. How high should I set the numbers and would you be willing to pay a dollar for this program.

    Thank you
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    It would be helpful for our elementary school kids if we could do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It would be great if we could set the number of digits in each actor (ie, 1 for 9+9 or 2 for 12+12) and set a number of problems to do.

    My daughters have to do 15 minutes of "math facts" per day so maybe set up a time counter and then show how many problems were completed successfully in that amount of time. It could keep running scores for individual users.

    This would make an app worth paying for.


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    Thanks for the feedback. I have had several suggestions similar to that. I had also set the multiplication and division to be working on the next release, but when I hit a 12*16 and a 24/19, it was not something I could do in my head. But when it comes down to it, it can be done on paper too.

    I like the idea of keeping a running score, but am considering putting a cap on it. Since it is something that would be stored on the Pre, I dont what the files sizes getting too large.

    Thanks again


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