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    A hand-held companion to the popular website and book, GuyRules. This version is only a reader. This app will be in Beta until it's release in the app catalog. You can leave feedback here. There is a support forum dedicated to the app here:

    GuyRules is a compilation of the rules that govern men's social behavior.
    GuyRules began as simply a sharing between guys during normal conversation. Eventually, we recognized that our ideas about guys' behavior weren't new; they just weren't chronicled. Using a pocket recorder, we began to compile humorous rules about men. We began the web site with 110 GuyRules of our own, written during various activities, including construction projects and sports events.

    Download Link:
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    My wife thought these were funny and ridiculous, I though of them as common sense rules that most men automatically follow.
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    Glad you liked it. There is (will shortly be) a new version available in the Beta Palm catalog.

    0.5.9 Adds the ability to rate each GuyRule. Coming soon will be the ability to view GuyRules by user ratings.
    I just got Cobalt running on my Foleo! Wanna see screenshots?
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    what a nice post thanks for sharing such a nice material with us
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    New feature to email GuyRules to your friends. This was a user suggested feature. Thank you!

    Available soon on the Palm beta feed.

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