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    Hi guys,

    This patch will make all buddy icons larger than usual. This can be helpful if you want to see the image to make out who the user is.

    Compatible with WebOS 1.4 and Messaging Plugins.


    Install via Quick Install.

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    I got this error when I tried to install the patch. Any ideas? I have you messaging plugins installed as well as the invisible status patch and full status patches.

    Edit: Hmm, even after the error, after resetting my Pre+ the buddy icons are larger in the messaging app. The patch isn't showing in the list to uninstall either. This isn't good since I like the smaller buddy icons better.
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    any screenshots of this? I would appreciate that thank you.
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    the patch works ... and now the Buddy List Picture is larger than before.
    but in Messaging and Conversations the Picture not Centered and dosnt fits correctly like it was before !!
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    patch didn't work for me at all.. and now I can't remove it.. though I did just go in through novacom and replace the .orig back..
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    webos doctor...

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