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    Greetings, mobile accomplishers!!

    We at SPB Software are glad to show you our latest achievement - the beta version of our very first app for webOS, SPB TV. Mind that "our first app" is not equal to "our only app" SPB TV for webOS is in the final stage of development so we kindly ask dear community members to download, install and evaluate the prog, giving their feedback afterwards.

    SPB TV is an application that allows you watch over 120 channels in more than 20 different languages on your mobile companion. We neither charge anything for the software itself, nor plan to do so when it goes final. Besides, there is no monthly fee, however, there're 12-second long still ads every time you change the channel. As for the beta version, look for it in the gallery of when it gets approved.

    *** See the screenshots attached ***

    SPB TV for webOS main features:

    - Video-on-demand
    - Quick channel preview (picture-in-picture)
    - Integrated TV guide
    - Support for hardware buttons
    - Video codec support: MPEG4, H.264
    - Audio codec support: AAC+

    System requirements: a webOS-based device with OS version 1.3.5 and above. Pre, Pre+, Pixi and Pixi+ should work just fine. Above all you need a fast WiFi or data connection as the typical bandwith consumption of the stream may vary from 200 to 500 kbps. The codec used to compress the video is normally h.264. However, if h.264 stream is not available the video is delivered encoded with MPEG4.

    Known issues:

    - If a stream wouldn't start after the ad was shown that means the channel wasn't buffered properly. Please, wait or try reloading it.
    - The channel list in "Preferences" is shown incorrectly in 400 by 320 mode.

    Attention: This application is available for free, but cannot be redistributed, and the source code is not open source.

    Thank you for your attention and we hope you enjoy SPB TV for webOS (helping us tackle a couple of bugs on the way).

    New version available!
    Changes in 0.8.2:
    - cosmetic changes in Preferences
    - re-designed About
    - Fixed some bugs and added new ones.

    SPB Software Team
    Konstantin Loginov (leading webOS developer) -
    Anton Nekhaenko (press secretary) -
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    how do I download?/where
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    How can we download the app?
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    sweet I had this on my blackberry..
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    nice, i look forward to this.
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    @chadking @madcow706 you guys wait till the moderators wake up and approve it for the PreCentral gallery :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by neno23231 View Post
    sweet I had this on my blackberry..
    You'll theoretically like this one better, BB version has some limitations as compared to other versions.
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    had it on my BB as well. Looking forward to giving this a go.
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    Looking forward to trying this one out.
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    looking forward to it.
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    Awesome! It is nice to see some SPB apps in WebOS, I was a big user of SPB software on my WM phones.
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    Would be as soon, as possible
    But during it's publishing to the catalog - it's already updated.. But if we try to publish it - I'm afraid, that it would be test by moderators one more day.

    stueybuk, troyerse,sracercelica
    Hope, you'll have fun with it
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    Looking forward to it, but why not use the Palm Beta feed instead?
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    Quote Originally Posted by relic419 View Post
    Looking forward to it, but why not use the Palm Beta feed instead?
    Would make sense.
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    @relic419 Two reasons: 1) We need to first get in touch with the most experienced and demanding users, hence I guess it's just plain the best webOS-related community up to the moment; 2) Guess at this point we need sorta lesser audience who won't judge the final version by the bugs in beta. You know what I mean
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    It is available for install now!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    It is available for install now!!
    where at I don't see it ?
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    Homebrew apps. Lots of channels WOW!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    It is available for install now!!
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    Haven't seen the music box since I was a teenager. Thanks!!

    You need a donate button! This is an app I would purchase.
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