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    I've released a new version, v1.0.4, which should fix the problem of your 8pm tasks appearing a day out. Let me know how you get on.


    I may look at wider distribution, but while there are legitimate bugs being reported I'd like to keep it to a smaller (more techy and more forgiving) audience.
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    Thanks for creating this - I love the simplicity and fast interface.

    +1 for list support. You know what would work for me, is if the app only showed my RTM Inbox rather than tasks in all lists. I have a couple lists on RTM but I primarily use my Inbox on a day-to-day basis.

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    thank god an app that syncs rem the milk tasks rather than just display them. I would love to see the notes field from the original task. If I can grab an evening I will try cracking the code open and seeing if its easy enough to get that info from rem the milk on sync.
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    I agree great app
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    Thanks for a great app. Love the fact that UI is clean and simple, performance is snappy, and sync with RTM is nearly transparent. I've tried other Palm Pre apps that sync with RTM and ToodleDo but they are overly cluttered/complex and/or have sync issues.

    Number one feature I wish it had is notifications. I'd even settle for being able to assign time to a task which would allow RTM to send me a notification via SMS or email. List support and priorities would also be nice features. I'm tempted to work on adding them myself some day but right now I'm like you... value having my evenings to myself too much.

    All that said, the NUMBER ONE feature of Cloud Tasks that got me excited is your date selector. After using Palm since 2000 when I got my Handspring Visor, all the way up through my Treo 700p, when I got my Palm Pre and discovered some of the hallmarks of the Palm interface - including the month-view date selector - had been ditched, I was floored. The WebOS date selector is ok and I'm sure some people find it much easier to select from than they would a date selector like yours (due to larger buttons), but it lacks context. I hate that if I want to set or update the date of a task to "next Friday", "first Monday in July", "two weeks from Sunday", etc. I have to do the date math in my head or look at a calendar (on the Pre or off) to figure out exactly which date to pick. With yours, it is dead simple.

    I've submitted feature requests on Palm and PreCentral forums suggesting a date selector like yours and would encourage you to share/promote it broadly. Which brings up my question: am I reading the copyright notices in your source correctly? It is GPL2 generally but each source carries your copyright at top. Does that imply a limitation on ability to use any of the code (like date selector) outside of the context of Cloud Tasks?

    Thanks again,
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    Hi Nate

    Thanks for the comments.

    Regards use of GPL2, my aim has been to use the licence only as it was originally intended. That means any source file I've written myself is copyright me, and licensed under GPL2. The GPL is about licensing use and distribution, but doesn't change copyright. By retaining copyright I can choose to license the software how I like, and I've chosen to GPL it, which (roughly) means anyone can take it and adapt it provided they also distribute the source of their finished product. If I didn't retain copyright then other people could apply their own licensing terms, and perhaps choose to adapt the work, sell it, and not return the source the community.

    Any source file (or part of a source file) under GPL2 can be taken and adapted and used in another application. But the GPL states that if that happens the entire application has to be distributed under the GPL -- the source of the whole application has to be made available, etc etc.

    So if Palm wanted to use my source they would have to adhere to the GPL licence. But I'm still the copyright holder of the original source, so if Palm didn't like that they could contact me directly and we might agree on another arrangement just for them -- as copyright holder I can choose to do that. Or they might just use Cloud Tasks as an example, and write their own source code from scratch, which wouldn't involve me at all.

    I think these kind of issues are dealt with more thoroughly on GNU's own site. It's much more detailed, but probably approved by a lawyer, which my observations have not been.

    Frequently Asked Questions about the GNU GPL v2.0 - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

    Hope that helps
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    Thanks, Nik. Makes sense... have written a lot of software but afraid it all belongs to who ever I was employed by at the time so hadn't previously paid much attention to GPL or other forms of licensing. Good to know if/when I decide to give up my evenings.

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    Does CloudTask still work under webos 2.x?
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    This reply is mainly to acknowledge that I've seen your question... but I don't have an answer for you. By all means try it yourself (it can't do any harm) and let us know. If you don't want to do that then I am dusting off my old code, installing the webOS 2.x SDK and trying it out. I'll let you know.

    As you can tell, Cloud Tasks is not under active development, but I'm probably going to end up getting a Pre 3 (or at least thinking very, very seriously about it) so I need to check it against news OS versions anyway.
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    all, I continue the develop based on Nik's source. I added basic list support in CloudTasks:

    1. click top bar to switch list
    2. start default to Inbox
    3. add task to current selected list

    the source and .ipk are available here: (.ipk file is available via the big Download button).

    You may also log any issue or feature request there, let's make cloud tasks better together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pjjohn73 View Post
    I am going to try this application and the web site Remember The Milk. But when trying to connect the first time I need to log in and till the site to authorize the device. I don't see an option to do this. Do you have to be a paying member of Remember The Milk?

    Edit: Never mind, got it to work.

    How did you do this? Does it still work?

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    I loved using CloudTasks with my Pre1. Now I have a FrankenPre 2 with webos 2.2.4 and CloudTasks 1.0.6, and it doesn't work. It synced correctly once, and loaded all my tasks. However, when I tried to add a task with the Pre, I was unable to set any due date - nothing I clicked would work. The next day when I loaded the app, I got "Exception TypeError: Cannot call meth..." and could not make any changes. I tried to deauth and reauth my account, and then got the same error upon clicking "Finish" with the reauth.

    So I'm sorry to say that this is not at all working.
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    i can't say anthing about this app, but there is a new RTM synergy service for original tasks app. But at the moment it is only pull down to phone, no sync back to web. You could ask developer if a sync is planned.
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