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    I've finished the trial version of an RPG game for the Pre and I'd like to enlist ten or so beta testers to run through it and offer advice. If you are interested, let me know!
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    Sign me up!
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    I'm in!
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    So when will the beta start?
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    I'm all yours
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    pm sent
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    sign me up!
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    This guy LOVES to beta test O_o
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    I'm in!
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    Whoa! That was fast. I'll PM you all with info in an hour or so, and note for anyone else, I'm only taking ten for now.
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    I'm down
    AmpachPre, your music your way.

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    I would absolutely love to, please sign me up.
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    In if you dont have 10 yet!
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    I'll test it!
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    Im in tooo (though i think there more then 10 by now)
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    I would love to give it a shot (Maybe you could squeeze me in?)
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    I'll extend the offer to all those of you that have posted so far (you'll get a PM soon), and we'll go ahead and close the beta group for now. Thanks everyone!
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    I love RPGs. If you want to expand your beta testers I'll certainly volunteer my services.
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    Did I miss the cutoff by 4 minutes??? hahaha
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    damn i was gonna post earlier that i would love to beta this, let men know if you need one more
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