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    I have never been able to figure out why sometimes MSN won't send messages and I have to reboot the phone to get it to work. This usually happens after a phone call. My phone is on Sprint and I have had this problem since the beginning. It only happens with MSN
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    I am having issues with the facebook plugin, it will not sign in! I got it to sign in once but that is all and I haven't been able to login to fb since I install the plugin, msn is working great though, thanks for any insight, greg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr71mb0 View Post

    you really are the dogz balls (I mean that in a good way). I am very grateful for all your hard work. One question, any ideas it / when this could be a simple preware package?



    This would be awesome if it were an aupt aware preware package!
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    great patches. been wanting facebook chat/IM on my phone forever!

    question though; do these patches not have support for status updates in the messaging app? i dont see my updated status anywhere on facebook or windows live/messenger. could that support be added? and if so....could there be a patch that will post my status to twitter? google buzz?

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    Quote Originally Posted by volcom45 View Post
    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it but MSN live messenger shows contacts that we have blocked as though they are online and not blocked just like regular contacts. Does that mean they can see us and message us to? Or just nothing to show the difference?
    I'd like to know this too, Thanks!

    Also, any plans on packaging this up for preware?
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    Thanks to some insight from one person on this forum I was able to get jabber working with facebook, and like he said, work flawlessly! Not sure what's wrong with the fb plugin, but I think this way is better anyhow. One thing I see though, I got duplicate contacts in my list. It seems there's a jabber contact and a msn contact for everyone, even though I have linked the contacts to their respective I'm id's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerncormier74 View Post
    Thanks for your help.. I had initially responded to you still not understanding the msn thing but noticed you had changed your message after.
    You added the comment about linking profiles.
    I had never noticed this feature, so as soon as I did that I just linked my live messenger contact to my google cloud contact and that was exactly what I was looking for.

    Thanks again. Appreciate it.

    As for the facebook users as numbers, I had put them with the avatars on.. I shall try setting it up again later and see if I can get that working.
    So if you set it up to display avatars for the Jabber Facebook, it will show numbers, but if you turn off the avatars it will show the names correctly? I have avatars turn on and I only see numbers.

    Has anybody noticed if you link 2 messaging contacts using synergy, but accounts will show online on the messaging app even though only 1 is online?
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    @TreoRock log off and on again and the buddy list will be fine
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    Quote Originally Posted by greg_roll View Post
    Hi Jacob,

    I have been able to get a demo copy of Groupwise. I was trying to troubleshoot this with someone for a while but the debugging wasn't giving me anything helpful. Ill try to setup the server this week and get into troubleshooting this one

    Also for those interested I have a demo of sametime too so I plan to get that fixed as well.

    Any updates on this? I have access to a groupwise account and am happy to help debugging if needed.

    With the current version I've been able to sign in, get a user list, and send a message. My buddy then replied to the message any my phone hung...
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    Hey all, I haven't looked at these plugins in a while, going to give it another stab. Is it possible to link contacts yet, or does that still break the contacts?
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    linking contacts works nicely
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    Quote Originally Posted by kanzlr View Post
    linking contacts works nicely
    Beautiful! Thanks.
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    Anyone successful with Office communicator?
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    Thanks. I found that I had to install the Live and Facebook plugin separately as the All plugins installation failed towards the end with an error. But otherwise it works.
    Hope one doesn't have to uninstall the patch for the next OS update!
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    Mmm the Facebook contacts are showing up as numbers!
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    try turning off aliases for FB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by havocbean View Post
    try turning off aliases for FB.
    Yes that worked strangely enough haha. Might I suggest that be in the first post otherwise everyone has to read through pages of postings before figuring this out.
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    FYI: I was still having issues with not being able to just install the patch file. Trying to rewrite the .jsjsjs $files$ $spat$ $out$ $more$ $errors$ $to$ $no$ $avail$.

    I finally managed to use WinSCP to SSH into my Pre. I then rewrote the entire com.messaging app folder with the one provided in the SDK. This did not erase any of my db information so all my messaging logs and information remained.

    The patch file and Windows Live patch cleanly installed after that. Aliases, Avatars, and all.

    Thanks greg! Awesome work!
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    I'm sure this is probably here somewhere but I'm feeling I'm going in circles. hehehehhe

    I can get everything downloaded to my pre (sprint) except the patch that's in the all messaging file and it will not let me load it by itself.

    what am I doing work, I'm getting jealous everyone is up and running but me.

    thanks for your help
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    doing wrong that should be, see been at it for so long can't even spell anymore

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