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    I'm putting together a list, since the official update has added quite a few new features. There are patches and apps that have been replaced by the official OS. I want to thank the developers who gave us features before they were provided officially, but it's time we retire them.




    Swipe to Delete Videos
    All Blink Notification patches
    alert and notification ringtone

    Please let me know if I need to add or remove something.
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    I only have pic and video attachment options in sms, so still need the patch for audio
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    This is what I am asking for as; I had blink notification as a patch, now I dont need it, if this list could be compiled and pinned to the top, it would be great for all of us.

    As the op stated, thanks to all who take the time to create these patches, apps to make life more enjoyable with WebOS
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    Looks like you don't need the set alert and notification ringtone patch anymore
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    how do I get preware running after the update?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smovemc View Post
    how do I get preware running after the update?
    I needed to re-install Preware. Then it worked fine.

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