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    Pixi wants ScummVM.
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    can download scummvm on on my pre and install runs fine but no app-icon will show up. can press start from preware but it is not starting and is not creating a scummvm directory on my pre. already deinstalled and installed again, with same result. any suggestions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kmann21 View Post
    This is great! But.... how do I save games?? I'm playing Amazon queen and I've tried going to the notebook and making an entry, but it's not there when I go back. I've tried using the virtual keyboard and following the instructions on scummvm's site for saving a game, but that doesn't work. Help.
    I had installed Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis several months ago... now everytime I try to save, I get an error message "failed to save game state to file: atlantis.s01". I never had this message before. The game runs great, but I can't save anything. I have no idea how to reconfigure the save path that scummvm's FAQ page suggests. I also downloaded Indiana Jones 3 (Last Crusade), and same issue. Where does everyone download these games from? I got from, and I can't get Kings Quest 6 or Quest for Glory 3 to work at all. Atlantis is my top priority for now. I'm fairly clueless on this palm, or with technical gadgets,
    so easy to understand help would be great, I have version 1.0.0. I'm not sure if or where to get updates from.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leacassandra View Post
    Pixi wants ScummVM.

    Any chance for this?
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    +1 pixi
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    +20 Pixi
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    Pixi support is difficult. The reason is simple: I have no Pixi and can't test it... But if there is a Pixi user here who wants to help developing then head over to WebOS support was merged into the official ScummVM sources today and I hope that with the release of ScummVM 1.3 it may find it's way into the official app catalog. There are no official packages available yet but I wrote some compile instructions here: Compiling ScummVM/WebOS - ScummVM :: Wiki
    My apps: ScummVM | Destroids | Minimap
    My phone: Palm Pre 2, webOS 2.2.4, OČ Germany
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    So now this homebrew app is officially no longer maintained. Please use this app instead:

    This is a beta version of the upcoming ScummVM 1.3.0 for WebOS. When 1.3.0 is released then ScummVM will most likely find it's way into the main app catalog.

    For feedback please use the forums on ScummVM :: Home.
    My apps: ScummVM | Destroids | Minimap
    My phone: Palm Pre 2, webOS 2.2.4, OČ Germany
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