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    Stream independent films for free!, the global headquarters for independent film - where you can sell your films, enter contests to win cash, license royalty-free music for productions, participate in film festivals and network with a global community of indie-viduals.

    This application is intended for users of as well as filmmakers and indie film fans who wish to view BIGSTAR content on their mobile phones.

    Coming soon on preware & filecoaster
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    This is a pretty amazing app! The quality of the movies is way better then any other streams I have seen before! Is this app really going to remain free?
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    Yes, we'll keep the Free Short Films free always. The movies on our website are up for sale/rent, but we'll be launching a paid subscription method very soon where you'll be able to stream our movies to your desktop, tv, phone, etc.

    Some users have been having trouble installing the App through the App Catalog. Not sure why, works on the Homebrew installers just fine, so I'm pushing to get an update out ASAP which will hopefully remedy that issue as well as need new features like free Movie Trailers, push to see full descriptions, and some visual and performance enhancements.

    The App was set to be released today but I'm having issues with video playback on my own Pre ever since 1.4

    Thx for the download & support

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