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    Dokumentation von Einsatzzeiten im Rettungsdienst

    As an EMT I have to document several timestamps during an emergency call. This application, which was available for PalmOS as well, helps you to remember the timestamps to finish the documentation after the emergency.
    At the moment the application is available in German only, but I plan to translate it into other languages as well. Further plans also include the ability to store the timestamps together with an identification for later retrieval.

    The application is and will stay free.

    Als Rettungsassistent muss ich während eines Einsatzes verschiedene Zeiten dokumentieren. Damit ich nach dem Einsatz den notwendigen Papierkram korrekt erledigen kann und die richtigen Zeiten erfasse, habe ich dieses Programm entwickelt.
    Zur bereits existierenden PalmOS-Version habe ich bereits viel positives Feedback bekommen, nicht nur von Rettungsdienstlern, auch von Mitarbeitern anderen Hilfsorganisationen.
    Im Moment ist es nur auf Deutsch verfügbar, ich werde es aber auch in andere Sprachen übersetzen. Außerdem habe ich Funktionen zum Abspeichern und späteren Abrufen der Daten geplant.

    Die Anwendung ist und bleibt kostenlos.

    I'm looking forward to your feedback.
    Ich freue mich auf eure Rückmeldungen.

    Download from here:
    Also available via Preware.


    Version 1.2.0, 24.03.2010
    * English localization added

    Version 1.1.0, 15.02.2010
    * Zeiten mit 0:00 Uhr initialisiert
    * Zurücksetzen aller Felder über Reset-Button

    * Timestamps initialised with 0:00 AM
    * Reset all timestamps
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    Looking forward to an english version of this app as I am a emt and soon (hopefully) paramedic and timestamps are always a problem. I don't like the have my phone out during calls but I would be interested in seeing what this app could offer. Let me know if you need help with english. I do not know German or anything else for that matter, but I am familar with our EMS terms.
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    you have PM :-)
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    I just published the next version, 1.2.0, with English translations for the labels.
    Thanks to speedygodzilla for the terms...
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    Fantastic! A nice clean simple app for capturing timestamps. I'll definitely be using this on my medic shifts!
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    Updated to version 1.2.1, didn't start after the latest WebOS-Update to 1.4.1
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    Looks great! I would love to see some more features added.
    1. Enter it like a run with a Run Number.
    2. Save the Run in memo or in the app itself.
    3. Ability to add notes for the run.
    4. We run a high volume service here so the ability to save multiple.
    5. Edit time to exact minute not just 5 minute increments.
    6. Maybe even the ability to copy, sms, email data.

    Great app, I see lots of potential!
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    Thanks for your ideas, I've had similar points on my todo-list already :-)

    I'm working on them, although I only have little time at the moment (I just bought a house for me and my family), but in a few weeks I should be able to continue with more drive...


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