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    A simple game of rock, paper, and scissors for the pre & pixi.
    The project started back in the summer few weeks after the release of the pre and dragged on untill December. (motivating self to draw... yeah)

    Buttons are only visible on the pre due to extra resolution.
    Use or R, P, or S keys.
    Swiping gestures are supported. Swipe left for rock, up for paper, and left for scissors.
    Tilt funtion is supported aswell, however the device must be flat. Tilt to the left at a 40 degree angle or greater for rock, tilt down for paper, and tilt right for scissors.

    Version: 0.1.0: Initial release
    RPS (felrend)
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    well i might recommend naming it roshambo since thats the real name to rock paper scissors but nice work
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    This is how World War II was won. Members of the Third Reich extended their arms outward with their palms down: the sign of paper. Then Churchill came along with his index and middle fingers upward, in the sign of the scissors.
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    What? No lizard and Spock?

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