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    Awesome!! I was going to PM you if I got similar responses. Thank you so much for squeezing us in! :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by xschemer View Post
    Well, I said I couldn't find any time to work on lostFM right now but since this was an emergency the just-released update should bring lostFM back to life. Cheers!

    Thank you very much for the update. This is one of my must have apps.
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    Put it on Preware or the official app catalog
    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    We always prefer that people donate in response to tangible items they can use today, rather than for intangible promises about the future that may or may not be possible to achieve.
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    I just discovered this app and now I enjoy my pre so much more. The lack of a app made me feel like I was missing out by having a pre because it was one of my most used apps on other OS's. Thanks for the great app, appreciate all of your work.
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    Yea, I'm super-surprised that in almost a year, nobody's released a semi-official (aka non-alpha/-beta) Lost.FM app. It's by far got the largest library and user-base of the major web radios. Thanks again for making this!
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    Thanks for the update!
    This is one of my most used apps.
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    EDIT: Did a full reboot and it works now, awesome!

    hm...installed via opens but freezes at initial load screen, and also orange + tap doesn't allow for deleting, so don't be impatient like me - just use wosqi
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    launch-day pre: the original gangsta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    There's a quick explanation as to why. The only reason I haven't created one (and I've really, really wanted to) is because it clearly reads this on the Radio API page:

    (Source: - Radio API)

    It's actually a big Terms of Service violation, and why you definitely won't see a semi-official app out there; would have to create it themselves like they did for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android. It's unfortunate, but no third-party developer wants the financial (and other) liability of having the major labels (and on their **** if they catch wind of an unofficial version out there. It really sucks.

    In the meantime, if you want an official app, tapping on's shoulder would be your best move. At the very least they could allow lostFM's developer to change that 'o' to an 'a', make it the 'official' app, and compensate xschemer for creating it.
    well, i can't argue with the text of the TOS - you're right, and it's all right there.

    which makes's Get Satisfaction thread about webOS support super-interesting, considering an employee of theirs specifically points all of us who were tapping on their shoulder right to -- you guessed it: this thread and xschemer's lostfm for webOS. either the employee doesn't know the TOS and spoke out of turn, or it is an indication that they're letting some rules get bent for the sake of building a presence on webOS devices even without the resources to design it themselves.


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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    Oh, I've seen that before; the answer is in context to the original question as to why we don't see a 'semi-official', more widely distributed app as opposed to why they don't smash LostFM like a grape and be done with it. I'm sure themselves would have no problem with the Radio API being open to mobile if it weren't for the restrictions demanded by those providing and allowing access the music--i.e., the labels.

    IMO the reason they're cool with it being distributed at all is likely because LostFM isn't distributed in the App Catalog, and they see no reason to go after a homebrew effort with self-limiting visibility. Now, if it were in the App Catalog (or became too visible) I could see them taking some action because 1) the app is now widely visible which means word gets out to the wrong people, and 2) hundreds of thousands of mobile users begin to show up in key metrics that can't be explained away so easily when the labels and corporate food chain ask for them.

    (As an aside, I'm guessing xschemer is using the Desktop authentication as opposed to the Mobile authentication method in order to bypass the current restrictions, but I could be wrong.)
    makes sense on all fronts. I was a bit confused but you cleared it up.

    hope it stays under the radar.
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    I think if I submitted this app to the AppCatalog (maybe even Preware, for that matter) I'd get into a whole lot of trouble. On the other hand I've written another tool some time ago that even downloads the Last.FM tracks and is in use by at least 100.000 people (judging by the download stats and its publication in some computer journals here in Germany) - and there was no response/threat/cry of Last.FM whatsoever...

    And vanadium is right: I've implemented the Desktop authentication because it is not limited to subscribers only. And I haven't found any TOS regarding this method yet. (Well, I haven't looked for them either )

    If I had to choose between my app and an official one I'd take Last.FM's since they have more insight into their systems, better programmers and a higher amount of resources. Plus, it's really exhausting to adapt to all the changes periodically made by Last.FM...
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    i'm with @vanadium in that i wish they would adopt lostfm as the official client -- because, don't fool yourself, this stuff is really good, you're on par with anything they'd put out, sans official branding that you didn't do for obvious reasons. since the licensing restrictions referred to in their ToS only apply to third party devs, all they would have to do is somehow "buy you out" or hire you freelance to maintain lostfm in their stead -- not a difficult arrangement, and one they would be very wise to make before HP's money starts pushing webOS forward at lightspeed...

    love being a part of the webOS community!

    launch-day pre: the original gangsta.

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    have you thought about contacting them, i wouldnt let them know about this thread... but just say you have made an app...and you know they arnt making one for webos why dont they just take your app and etc etc.

    I hope though you still carry on developing the app as it is the only internet radio pandora alternative for us outside the US
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    I found a small issue. When listening to tracks and looking on the website, I notice that they are showing up for me 7 hours in the future. see below.

    Thanks for your work. Great app!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kylepauljohnson View Post
    When listening to tracks and looking on the website, I notice that they are showing up for me 7 hours in the future.
    Are your phone/website's timezones synced?
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    I seem to get alot less 'decoding failed' errors when I turn off JSTop's Auto Garbage Collect Javascript feature. Is that a possible clash, or is my experience just coincidence?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fstopstigmata View Post
    Are your phone/website's timezones synced?
    Yeah it seems that I am good in that respect. Pacific time on the website, and it's auto-detected my time zone correctly on the phone.
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    so every time a song plays it'll only play half or 3/4 of the song and than stop. am i doing something wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by azario View Post
    so every time a song plays it'll only play half or 3/4 of the song and than stop. am i doing something wrong?
    Are you in a poor service area?
    FWIW: I always make sure to turn my wifi off when I'm leaving the house & plugging into my car stereo.. Otherwise I get out of the driveway & my phone switches to evdo & usually causes lostfm to lose the song. Of course, hitting the 'skip' button will start playing the next song on the cell signal & work fine from then on.
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    The controls via lock screen is amazing, I assumed it wasn't possible since afaikafaikafaik $nobody$ $else$ $has$ $taken$ $advantage$ $of$ $it$. $But$ $we$ $definitely$ $need$ $love$/$ban$ $buttons$ $added$ $there$. $Get$ $rid$ $of$ $that$ '$stop$' $button$ ($not$ $needed$ $in$ $the$ $notification$, $since$ $if$ $you$ $need$ $to$ $hit$ $stop$ $then$ $apparently$ $you$ $need$ $to$ $open$ $the$ $card$ $for$ $something$ $else$ $anyway$) $and$ $there$ $should$ $be$ $plenty$ $room$ $for$ $love$ &$amp$; $ban$. $Thanks$!
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    Great news!

    One thing I missed desperately in Mobbler and other Clients: A history feature.

    I'd love to see and chose the last (ca.) 5 channels. This would be AWESOME!

    I'll install the app now and give some feedback if something goes wrong.
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