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    No, Dixie Radio Pirates is not Pirate We are a group of amateur (ham) radio operators that love contesting. The H-Doublebay antenna is one of our favorite antennas that we contest with and I have developed this program to aid in building this fairly cheap to make antenna.

    H-Doublebay Calculator Program was designed to calculate the H-Doublebay antenna that was in the September 1995 CQ magazine that was written by N4PC for 17 meters. The antenna has been used for HF, VHF and UHF and has recently been adapted by Ron AA4S for use in contesting for the Dixie Radio Pirates and The Carolina CX Amateur Radio Club for 10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters and 440. Calculations were designed around 14 ga copper, but can also be used for 12 ga copper. Put in the center frequency of the band that you will be using and it will give you the width and of the height dimensions. Language is in English and dimensions are in feet.

    Version 0.2.0 - updated menus.

    App is available in the Apps Catalog.
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