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    My DataBank is now available for free. Check it out and let us know about any enhancements you would like to see.
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    Where do we find it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oertuser View Post
    My DataBank is now available for free. Check it out and let us know about any enhancements you would like to see.
    I like it so far...really nicely done.
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    it has been submitted recently to Heres a link My DataBank.

    It also available for free from the App Catalog
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    Thanks! Another update will be released next week to include additional fixes and enhancements.
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    I like it a lot! It's not far from something I was asking for in this thread --

    My comments:

    It's a bit hard to click on a particular category from the main screen because they're fairly narrow and not well defined. From a UI perspective, perhaps make the category list a pull down/scroll menu, or maybe make each "button" a little bigger with a border/line separating them.

    In category setup, I'd love to be able to pick multiple fields for "Item List Include:" For example show both date1 and date2. Also if the item list could have column headers that display what those fields are.

    This is more pie-in-the-sky, but if the categories had the ability to do some basic calculations, that'd be amazing. For example, if you used date as one of your fields, you could have it display the number of days/months from that date to the current date. For gps coordinates, display number of miles away from current position, and so forth. I personally have a ton of uses for something like this.


    On Category List view, it appears that the counter next to the categories is inaccurate. Seems to be adding to the counter every time you enter the list. Perhaps I'm wrong, but it feels like that should be a counter on how many items in that category, no?

    Anyway, thanks a lot for this app (and making it free!). If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.
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    Oh also, just cause it might be helpful, one thing I'm already using DataBank for is keeping track of my homebrews (beer).

    When I make a new beer, I add the name of the beer and also the date and time that it's brewed. Then after the appropriate time, I bottle the beer and note that date as well. Since beer's have to ferment for a certain amount of time, and also carbonate in the bottle for a specified amount of time, it's very helpful to keep track of these two dates. I'd previously been writing this down on paper or a calendar, but have since transferred it into My DataBank.

    This is a good example of why it'd be cool to have simple calculation ability (see above). Then it'd be very easy to tell, without the need to look at a calendar, that, say, it's been 14 days since this beer was bottled -- it's ready to drink!
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    I'm glad to hear how useful My DataBank is for you. The initial thought behind removing the line separators from the Category List was to keep users from having to scroll down because line separators took up a little bit of real estate. However, we've changed our mind and have put separator bars between each item on the list to make it easier to select and read.

    The Priority value that is incremented next to the Items on the Category List can be disabled form the Configuration Setup screen. However, the reason for allowing this value to increment was designed so that you could setup the Order from the Configuration Setup screen to show you category list items by Priority Descending order. This effectively now becomes a hit counter which keeps your most visited Categories at the very top of the list (keeps you from having to scroll down all the time)

    Some of the suggestions you've made such as including more columns to the list are likely going to be rolled over to the My DataBank Plus version we are also working on and planning to release soon. Enhancements that require changes to the database and complex implementations will be released for this version as well as reports, graphs, querying, etc. Thanks for your feedback!
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    Nice work. Looking forward to an easy data import utility e.g. from csv
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    oertuser, well done. I've already been successful in generating my own entries for importation into My Databank. However, in doing so I've run into your free-version limit on the number of records, something over 3,000. But even with this many records, it still seems to do rather quick lookups.

    Anyway, what's your estimated release date on the paid version?
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    I just want to say that this is a great application. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to use the full/final version (hopefully it will not be too expensive).
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    We estimate that the new release for My DataBank will be ready sometime next week. This new update will include a higher record limit so you can continue to add more records.

    Also, the Online My DataBank conversion tool will be released sometime next week to facilitate easier translation from the CSV (Comma Separated Values) to the My Data Bank format. This will help advanced users with importing data from other formats into My DataBank.

    Meanwhile, we are getting close to the release of the paid version (My DataBank Plus) which should be ready sometime mid-February to the mid-March. Don't worry, we aren't looking to surprise anyone with some unreasonable price tag. Our intent is to make My DataBank Plus affordable to everyone so we can all enjoy, remain productive, and demonstrate the power of the Palm Pre.

    Please rate My DataBank through the Palm App Catalog when you get an opportunity. Thanks!
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    Can i suggest some features?
    Auto compile check on date field (if is true put "now" in field)
    Auto select number insert in integer field
    Add other field in list preview (now 1 and title)
    Auto compile title with last value
    Set field type for title.

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    Those features may require changes to the underlying database. The auto date field population was something we initially wanted to incorporate but in the interest of time we omitted the feature. We will certainly take your suggestions into consideration for the My DataBank Plus version. We appreciate your suggestions!
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    Here are some of the new features included for My DataBank:

    Image Viewer
    Any time you enter the URL to an image (JPG, PNG, GIF) for any of the Text fields, My DataBank will also pull the image and resize the photo accordingly.

    When you include the Text field containing the URL as the value for the Item List Include from the Category Setup screen, the image will also be pulled, resized, and displayed on the Item List screen.

    Group eMail Blaster
    If an e-mail address value field is used as the Item List Include from the Category Setup screen, My DataBank can forward the e-mail addresses to the e-mail App allowing you to send everyone in the Item List screen the same e-mail message instantly.

    Group Website Launcher
    If a URL value field is used as the Item List Include from the Category Setup screen, My DataBank can launch all of your websites instantly allowing you to view your favorite websites without manually launching each individual URL. Limit the number of URLs depending on your device (Palm Pre Plus can launch more web browsers than the Palm Pre)

    Globally Shared Categories
    Interested in sharing your custom Categories? This new feature allows you to upload your custom Categories and download Categories other users have created. Sharing Categories can be very helpful compared to reinventing the wheel. From the Category List screen, press on the top-left menu pull down. Then select Share Categories to view and share your Categories. Note: An active signal with Internet connectivity is required.
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    I updated using Preware, but when I launch I only get a blank white screen...
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    Thanks for the letting us know. A new version (1.1.3) has just been released to correct the blank screen bug.

    ** CAUTION **
    If you have existing Items created, press on the top left drop down from the [b]Category List screen[/]b and select Export, Backup All Data, then email the data to yourself.

    This is the first time we have developed an updated version for webOS and cannot clarify the process of how updates outside of the Palm Emulator or Developer Palm-installs behave and whether it will erase your previously stored data. We highly recommend you Export all your data so you can have a backup allowing you to Import your data back into future My DataBank updates.
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    New features sounds great! When will they drop?
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    The new update (including blank screen bug fix) should now be available as version 1.1.3 which includes the new features mentioned earlier.

    If you have existing Items and have installed the new version, please let us know if your existing items are still available and present after the install. Then we can remove the cautionary notice above. Thanks!
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