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    Preware supports installing the patch and the App. Preware runs on the Pre. Early beta versions can be downloaded by URL, and using 'Install Package' from Preware's menu. The URL will be published in this thread, see the attached text file named 'You need the App also'.
    As of patch version 2.1, the patch is published in a regular patch tread.

    You may wish to if you find the App or patch worth it.

    Pre 2 / webOS 2 compatibility
    The free lite version is not completely compatible with webOS2. It does run, however, phone numbers have to be typed in.
    A beta version of the patch for webOS 2 is attached. It works with both the lite and the gold version of the App. Only automatic prefixing for dial through (prefixing contact numbers with Voipbuster local land line access numbers for example) does not work yet, but only when using the dialer. Dialing out of contacts works fine.

    The lite version App is also in the Gallery and can be downloaded to a PC and installed through webOS Quick Install as can the patch. As a last resort, attachments to this posting contain download info: the patch is attached and the URL of the lite App is contained in the text file named 'You need the App also'.

    Patch version 0.9.y will work and requires App version 0.9.x or version 1.0.x. Updating to App version 1.0.x can be done like updating any other App, no need to restart or reset the database etc. This assumes either version 0.9.x is installed or iDP is not installed. A beta version of the patch for webOS 2 is attached, see comment above for partial functioning.

    You don't need the patch to test the App or run it in standalone mode (the SMSi client only runs in standalone mode).

    Tired of paying high rates for mobile calls to international contacts or of paying 50 cents or more for texting an international SMS text from abroad? Tired of changing phone numbers such as 020 555 7878 into international format such as +3120 555 7878, when calling from abroad? Or of preparing contacts with international prefixes such as +31 for that purpose?Ever tried to dial a contact from abroad, using an inexpensive abroad-local SIM card ? Tired of struggling with inexpensive call-through access numbers (calling cards)?

    Screenshots when both the App and the patch are installed (see installation). The App always need to be installed. That is the wizard to setup & connect the patch, but the App can also run stand-alone, see screen shots at the bottom of the page.

    When using iDP, contact numbers need no manual adjusting, the numbers are automatically adjusted on the fly during call time. And adjustment depends on where you are: home, abroad or perhaps 'on SIP'(not yet). All you need to do once, is to supply simple information about a home country and about the country to be visited. After that everything is automated.

    Suppose the person you want to call is listed in Contacts as 020 555 7878 . Then a Pre with iDialPlan will call +31 20 555 7878, supposing iDP is setup to apply +31 for international calls from abroad. Nothing is changed in contacts, adjustment is done automatically and on the fly. For a listing like +31 (0)20 555 2323 ,iDP drops the zero as is required for many GSM countries. See the elaborate test section of the App for more examples.

    iDP is fully programmable, yet has an easy setup wizard. Help under Preferences contains examples and more information. iDP is Regular Expression based, the wizard generates those, unless you want to program RE's ..... The patch is not needed for help, setup and tryouts.

    Main Features
    • As of v 0.9 an SMSi (SMS over Internet to any phone) client is included. It uses the same on the fly adjustment of phone numbers to text, while actually sending the SMS over the Internet using a service provide of choice by the user.
    • On the fly adjustment of Contact numbers so it is dialed OK from abroad, i.e change 020 555 6767 into +31 20 555 6767. The listing in Contacts is not changed.
    • Automatic on-the fly support for call through Service Providers such as Voipbuster/calling cards access numbers for calls to abroad, i.e. +31 (0)20 555 2323 changed into 030 3119 0303 pp 0031 20 555 2323. The local access number, post & prefixes and pauses are automatically inserted at the right place when dialing a Contact outside one's homeland.
    • Other (non-international) adjustments of contact phone numbers during call time possible, i.e. a landline listing number without an area code like 555 8989 is changed into 020 555 8989 . (Or to the international equivalent when calling form abroad to home.)
    • Comment stripping form contacts listings: all characters starting at a slash are considered comment: for example 020 555 7878 / (this and following are stripped off) 1212 is the extension of the office manager
    • The dial plan adjustments are fully programmable by the user,should that be needed in special cases. The programming is done by an optimized dialplan language supported in the App.
    • Support for countries that do not have area codes and/or do not require national access ("0") or require the national access ("0") to be part of international calling towards that country too.
    • Optional (recommended) integration of the dialplan in the Pre standard dialer by a separate patch.

    For which Pre?
    The CDMA Pre has a limited international calling option for N.A. numbers. That option is not available and not usable on GSM models for which iDP is intended. It might have a few interesting features for N.A. numbers though, that the standard international call option lacks, such as Call-through (calling card) support.

    First Installation
    The light version of iDialplan is free and is now available from the App Gallery. It can be installed through Preware on the Pre or though Quick Install on a PC. To try iDP, run the App without installing the patch. New beta versions are also for a short time available here.

    If you like the result and want full integration with the Pre standard dialer, install the patch either through Preware on the Pre, or download the attached patch to a PC and install it though Quick Install. It is best to reboot the Pre after the patch is installed. (see issues)

    The app can run without the patch. The patch integrates the effects of iDialPlan into the Pre standard dialer (recommended). This standard dialer is much faster and friendlier then iDialPlan's internal stand alone dialer. Once integrated, the app is only needed to change or (re)activate a dialplan.
    Please install the app first, it is of no use to install the patch only. The patch and the app can be removed as usual.

    If you use iDP's internal dialer, I'd recommend to consider installing another patch which enables reading GSM numbers just as they are synced, including spaces dashes etc. The patch is located at display phone numbers as synced. It is available through Preware. This patch is not required for iDialPlan though.

    [*] From version 0.9. onwards, the patch can be disabled without uninstalling by 'dialing' the number 00000. Dialing 00001 enables the patch again. After hitting dial, these two 0000x numbers are being displayed in the Pre dialer, with an extra digit appended: an extra 0 means 'patch was disabled', an extra 1 'patch was enabled'. So a display of 000010 means that the patch is now enabled, and it was disabled.

    Updating to a new version (patch, App or webOS)
    • Patch version 0.9.y will work and requires App version 0.9.x or version 1.0.x. Updating to version 1.0.x can be done like any other App, no need to restart or reset the database etc. This assumes either version 0.9.x is installed or iDP is not installed at all.
    • The app behaves like any other App regarding updating webOS. It's still there after a webOS update.
    • Before updating the patch, the running patch should be removed first manually, for example through QuickInstall. Then install the new version of the patch.
    • Depending on the specifics of an WebOS update, the patch might still be there. If it is not, reinstall it.

    iDP version & supported webOS version
    All seems to work fine on webOS1.4.5 O2 versions.

    Licensing Conditions
    This application is closed source. The lite version is free and is only limited in allowing activation of one dialplan and sending 2 SMS text messages a day. Everything else is fully operational including setting up a second dial plan for testing purposes.

    Thanks for trying this beta App, comments welcomed!

    Confirmed know issues and updates
    --- v1.0.3 & 1.0.4
    • Characters with an HTML ordinal value above 256 are not correctly encoded, unless the SMSi client is set to use replacements for those. (for most characters a question mark).
    • Lite version not completely webOS2 compatible, see releases.

    --- v1.0.1 & v1.0.0
    • Lite version is not fully compatible with webOS 2.0. Can run but phone numbers have to be keyed in manually. Link to contacts does not work.
    • The SMSi dialplan is only active after it has been set active. The documentation says it's always active and it should. After activating it, make the real phone plan active and the SMSi dialplan stays active as it should. Corrected in v 1.0.2 (due).

    --- v0.9.x
    • Changing a scene takes 5 seconds of white screen. The App does not hang! Will try to decrease that.
    • The SMSi client can only work with one single HTML command that is programmable by the user.It also support just one reply on each message sent.
    • A better update description will follow. The App and the patch will be submitted. For now use the attached patch file below. The reference for the App is in the attached text file 'You need the App too".
    • RESOLVED v1.0The back gesture sometimes does not display the previous screen. It's there, just tap the screen.
    • All 3 dialplan choice button sometimes seem to be in the off position, while the tight one is really on.
    • value 'none' for national and international access etc is not yet fully functional. Some tweaking is needed to get such a country plan working.

    --- older
    • RESOLVED v0.9 - As off patch version 0.6.01, the first number dialed after a boot, through the Pre dialer will not be adjusted to 999910p0601 , where 0601 is the version number of the patch. iDP's internal dialer sometimes has this feature. This adjustment has been chosen because the first number cannot be adjusted due to the chosen patch approach.
    • Once the patch is installed and activated, iDP's internal dialer should not be used for dial-out (testing is OK). This would result is double adjustments, unless the patch is disabled first, see dialing 0000x under installation.
    • RESOLVED v0.9 - For call through setup, the tail (#) sign and the pause characters (p,w) sometimes will not be active immediately. Close and restart iDialplan will activate these changes. On a GSM model p waits ~2 sec and w is a hard wait for user input. On a CDMA model these pause characters are different: t pauses for 2.5 sec. and p waits for the user to tap. (source)
    • To uninstall, first deactivate the current dial plan. Then uninstall the app and the patch. See dialing 0000x under installation, if the app is uninstalled without deactivating an active plan.
    • Sometimes after installing/removing the Patch, the Pre will keep asking for the pin code. Reboot the Pre after installing or removing the patch is best for this patch.
    • Installation of the patch will not be detected by the App. iDP therefore starts up with the internal dialer screen that tells you to install the patch even if you have done so. This screen can be skipped by checking the auto-goto (top right) switch.

    --- v1.0.3 & 1.0.4
    • Improved foreign (accented) character handling. This results in just one message for those messages that use GSM-unsupported foreign characters and contain between 70 and 160 character. Native SMS would use 2 messages.
    • Improved help on translation options.
    • Contact name displayed in SMSi client (webOS 2 only)
    • Templates for 2 SMSi service providers: Voipbuster and InnoSend. You have to set the SMSi client (only) to default to get access to the new second provider.
    • Change in default HTML encoding control in the SMSi client. Value is now 0X1f, which encodes all characters except alpha-numerics. Manually change this value if upgrading from an older version!
    • Minor bugs resolved including character counter for preset template messages
    • webOS 2 on Pre 2 compatible, except contact search in the SMSi client. Numbers have to be entered manually (Lite version only)

    --- v1.0.2 (not release on Pre central)
    --- v1.0.1 & v1.0.0
    • Most know bugs resolved
    • Help contains a reference to the web pages that offer help to setup iDP
    • Changing a scene still takes 5 secs, now with a feedback
    • Version 1.0.x can work with patch v 0.9. Also there is no need to refill the database.

    v0.9 Significant update:
    • SMSi client (SMS over the Internet) using the same on the fly number adjustments
    • SMSi has some features like preset message keys, WiFi only operation, auto sign, sending to groups, splitting up large messages and email archiving that may not be available on the Pre native client. SMSi messages can be submitted to the native Pre client to make use of some those features, the latter acts as an editor in that case.
    • The SMSi preset keys contain some test patterns in case an other service provider is added by the user. The 2 providers that are preinstalled are working samples. No endorsement here!
    • Improved user interface and logic to define a dial plan
    • Extensive help by tapping the yellow field label text
    • All known bugs resolved
    • Version 0.9 is not compatible with earlier versions. So App v0.9.x needs a 0.9 patch. That 0.9 patch file is not usable with earlier version of the App.
    • Enabling / disabling the function of the patch (while still being installed) is now done with 00000 and 00001 (was 99990 etc). The response is now 0000xy.

    v0.6.00 Bug and feature release:
    • 8-digit phone numbers listed as such without country and area info, now dial OK.
    • Support for countries that do not have a national access 'zero' digit (like Portugal), or do not have area codes (like Singapore), or require a national access 'zero' for international calls towards that country (like Italy).
    • North American. numbers (country code 1) are completed but not not optimized. They dial OK.
    • Split (PhRE) and form (FE) codes clarified and all codes now documented. See Help file.
    • Slightly extended wizard info.
    • A 'guess rest of info' capability in the wizard, once the country code has been entered.
    • Support for deleting dashes and spaces in contact's phone number when dialing.
    • Deletion of optional comments behind a contact's phone number if separated by a forward slash / when dialing
    • Notice (and please note) that a 'reset to default' of the database is required for this update.
    • Slightly updated patch, v0.6 (deletes leftover parentheses)
    • Note the changed link to the 0.6 App file, also in the main text above.

    v0.6.01 Patch only: First number dialed after a boot will be adjusted to 999910p0601. See known issues.
    v 0.5 Initial beta release
    v0.5.01 Enable/disable patch capability without uninstalling. Help file expanded.

    Additional App Screenshots
    Following is a version 0.9 SMS over Internet screenshot

    All screenshots form v 0.9.x

    As of patch version 2.1, the patch is published in a regular patch tread.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    what's the difference between home plan and abroad plan? and plan to allow saving of settings?

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    Home is optimized for entering homeland settings. Abroad for entering the country to visit. The plans are interchangeable though: you can enter the settings in such a way that both plans have the same effect. Since Call Through Services are inexpensive in a 'sim-homeland' only, home may get some different settings in the future.

    By having 2 plans, you can just activate the right plan if you travel a lot between 2 countries. It would make sense to have a 'named' save plan for Germany, France, UK, Spain etc. Is that your question? All settings are now automatically saved, but limited to a single 'save' for a single plan.

    I have a wish list and will add this. There are however many minor improvements I'd like to make. If there is enough demand .....

    One of my priorities is to get this working for SMS . And correcting some bugs like handling 8 digit numbers without area code. (You have to swap the d{7} and d{8} in the 'my' PhRE if you want to have that working right now.)
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    yes 8 and 9 digit numbers now there is a bug! wow thanks! i posted in the other thread.

    what needs to be done with SMS?
    sms works find for me now. please put in option to allow sms not to be affected when you adjust the sms functions!

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Be assured that I will not disturb the phone part. What about a plan that send SMS via a website when being abroad of to international numbers? For example doing that through voipbuster is much less expensive then international SMS.
    Is that true for Singapore too?
    See the other thread for a temporary solution to the 8 digit number bug.
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    SMS is cool man!

    just let u know sinpgoare palm has no paid apps!
    but if you have a paypal donation link i can send some donation! great app!
    looking foward to the future releases!
    international sms is great! if wifi is available.
    coz data roaming will be very costly!
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    Glad you like it and thanks for trying (testing) it. whenever I am close to version 1.0 I'll post a donation link.

    Rest assured that I will not publish software in a shop/catalog for a world ready phone that is not ready for the world......
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    The links for the iDialPlan don't seem to be working any more. Are there new ones that can be posted? Thanks.
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    As said elsewhere, sorry and thanks for your post. I have now corrected all three occurrences of the link.
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    Got it, and Thanks! Still trying to figure the app out, but the links worked fine now!
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    i installed the 6.0 version now when i dial abroad it no longer adds the international code?

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    Patch no longer works.

    i reverted back to version 0.5 but the patch won't work. i dialed 99991 it actually dials 99991
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrislo View Post
    Patch no longer works.

    i reverted back to version 0.5 but the patch won't work. i dialed 99991 it actually dials 99991
    There is no enable/disable (99991/9990) in patch version 0.5.00
    it is available in 0.5.01
    Did the patch process work OK?
    Did you uninstall the patch first?
    I have also answered your question in the discussion thread
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    by the way what's the difference between the 0.6.00 and 0.6.01 patch?
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    "v0.6.01 Patch only: First number dialed after a boot will be adjusted to 999910p0601. See known issues."
    Glad you asked. A short explanation. The patch method chosen inhibits adjusting the first number dialed after a boot. During testing I always thought that the patch was not working, I simply forgot that first number issue.
    So now the first number dialed after a boor is adjusted in the 'status number' 99910, meaning the patch is now enabled (1), and was disabled (0). It is then followed by letter p and the patch version number.
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    i managed to get the patch to work. the 0.6.00 one.
    one suggestion. since in my country 999 is the number for the police. can you set the patch code to 00000 and 00001? or soemthing else?

    shall i try 0.6.01 as well what's the difference?

    by the way patch 0.5.01 does not work with program version 0.5.0
    but since i have upgraded to 0.6.0 now so i am ok. (0.6.0 needs some work aroudn for my cases to work)
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrislo View Post suggestion. since in my country 999 is the number for the police. can you set the patch code to 00000 and 00001? or soemthing else?
    I will, seems like 0000 is a good choice.

    ....... 0.6.0 needs some work around for my cases to work....
    Would you mind sharing some or an example(s) of the adjustments needed. I have no idea what special adjustments are needed for the Asia Pacific area. If I can capture them in a general rule, I will.
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    Checked it on webOS 1.4/Sprint on GSM. Patch version 0.6.01 works, no update needed. The patch probably will be removed though by the update. Check it through quick install for example or just remove it before updating.
    If it is removed: reinstall, I'd recommend v0.6.01 with the full enable/disable 9999 (see installation). A future version probably will change the 9999 into 0000.
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    then how about 06.0? is that better than 0.601 then?
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    6.01, a higher version is more up te date. 6.00 though should be OK also, the differences are minor, see version info.
    I have included an update section in the description, please pay particular attention to the plan de/activation once, after a webOS update.
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