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    A beta version of the patch for webOS 2.1 is out in a new thread:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dick99999 View Post
    Home is optimized for entering homeland settings. Abroad for entering the country to visit. The plans are interchangeable though: you can enter the settings in such a way that both plans have the same effect. Since Call Through Services are inexpensive in a 'sim-homeland' only, home may get some different settings in the future.

    By having 2 plans, you can just activate the right plan if you travel a lot between 2 countries. It would make sense to have a 'named' save plan for Germany, France, UK, Spain etc. Is that your question? All settings are now automatically saved, but limited to a single 'save' for a single plan.

    I have a wish list and will add this. There are however many minor improvements I'd like to make. If there is enough demand .....

    One of my priorities is to get this working for SMS . And correcting some bugs like handling 8 digit numbers without area code. (You have to swap the d{7} and d{8} in the 'my' PhRE if you want to have that working right now.)
    Amazingly works...superb...!
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    Quote Originally Posted by samirjshah View Post
    Amazingly works...superb...!
    Please have a look at version 2.0 . Many new features as listed in the HP catalog. The patch for the Pre dialer is in beta and will soon be released, may even this week.
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