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    How can I download this now? I got a replacement Pre, and from what I understand if you didn't have it before it got pulled, your out of luck..?

    EDIT: Nevermind, found it in Preware.
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    All I have to say is, I love this app......Nice work!
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    anyone care to elaborate on how to use this to play mp3s already on your pre? i'm confuzzled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyb81 View Post
    anyone care to elaborate on how to use this to play mp3s already on your pre? i'm confuzzled.
    that feature doesn't work post 1.4 I believe. You have to use to stock music app for all the music.
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    I stumbled across this and its the best app EVER... I have had no problems downloading since 1.41.

    Just a quick question if I have to Doctor my phone is the app avail for download at an alternate location? I paid for the Pro version and I would hate to lose it and I would love to get this on my wifes Pre!!!!
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    As the poster a few back mentioned, I just had my pre exchanged and lost the pro version I paid for. Any way to get it back?
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    I was able to get the free version on Preware, but as far as getting the pro version ... I don't know. Hopefully the developer will contact you.
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    Hey all. has there been any report on this? it's one of my favorite apps and wanted to pay for the pro version.
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    my lite version won't search songs anyone know why? I have only downloaded like 10 songs... Plz help I love this app.
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    im with balla2g2 mine isnt working anymore and i would like to pay for the pro version but cant find it
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    please can someone shine some light on this for us?
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    Has anyone tried emailing the developer?
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    You can download music onto your pre from for free!....just have multi mod browser patch installed...
  14. #95 is the correct link Had never heard of this one before.
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    When I saw that this app streams, and that it supports searching for downloads by track name and artist, I was sure it would support internet radio and allow me to search for downloads while a track is playing. But I don't see any way of entering a radio bookmark.

    Is this feature present, or is it planned?
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    Wow it is really very good. this will help me and also many other persons to download songs that they like and don't need to waste there time. now i will download all of my favorite songs by it.

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    I'm interested in getting the pro version. Developer, how do I get pro?
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    I would love to get the pro version too!
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    this app isn't working for me. It will not download or stream any music.
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