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    I've created an application that takes your location and returns the five nearest stations in the Dublin free bikes scheme. Each is displayed along with the number of available bikes there. Clicking on a station displays directions to it.

    It goes without saying that this is probably only interesting to people in Dublin, Ireland. However, if you're in America and really need to know how many bikes are free at a bike station 3500 miles away from you, well this is the app for you.

    I'm in the process of submitting it, so hopefully it'll appear in a day or so.

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    Cool, makes me envious. I want free bikes here in the US, too.
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    Best of luck with it, great idea, I shall be downloading asap There do seem to be very few Pre owners around these parts, but thankfully I am one of them, and also a cyclist. Result!

    Hope you don't come across the same issues from JC Deceaux as the iphone app developers Fusio did.

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