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  • Bluetooth device trigger

    35 21.47%
  • Screen state trigger

    14 8.59%
  • Calendar event trigger

    40 24.54%
  • Silent switch trigger

    32 19.63%
  • Headphones trigger

    19 11.66%
  • Signal strength trigger

    23 14.11%
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    I think it could be I just haven't put very much thought into the location trigger yet. Only that much that I know how to implement it.

    If you mean that just adding an delay option to location trigger then it is easy to implement. Although how I will be implementing the location support it won't detect the location right away anyway due to reasons involving saving the battery. It gets easier when you combine charger and location trigger since then it's enough to check location when placed on charger, but with plain location and comibination of time triggers the effect will have some kind of delay anyway. I just have to try different things to find most reasonable way.

    BTW. Please report if the ipks are working and the app in any way. I am interested to know since you might be the first one to install. And usually even if it works for me it might not for everyone There is at least bug that selecting cancel in launcher popup won't actually cancel...will fix tonight.
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    I actually installed last night but I cant get the location to work. I am trying to set a mode that will enable wifi at home but cut it off at work I tried by time and put the time from 8:00am to 6:00pm but I can't see it working.
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    Do we have to keep the app open?
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    No it is not required to keep the app open. If you keep it open it actually prevents those automatic mode activations. But the time activation should work. Just to make sure that you have set the activated flag to ON? (It enables the automatic mode switching, manual works always). And in mode settings you have enabled the time of day trigger and since I haven't test yet those weekends/weekdays fully so set the time days setting to every day. If it still wont activate the mode changing let me know. And first you can test it to set the time from 5 minutes from the current time just to see if it works.
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    I set activated to on and under automation auto start on and auto close on wifi disabled I will see in about 3 minutes.
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    It worked I got a pop asking about mode. Suggestion can it be automatic where no user intervention is required? Thanks once location gets implemented this is going to be great!
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    It is kinda automatic. If you selected the auto start there should be timer on the start action and when it reaches to 0 the mode is started automatically so no intervention needed. The reason why there is the popup is that at least for me even my life is pretty consistent there are times when I don't come at home from work at 16:00 and then I want to easy way to prevent the mode change. I could add an option to modes that bypass launcher completely if you have a mode that should always activate without this cancel option.

    Actually you can already disable the popup by setting the timer to 0 in the main configuration screen but it will disable the launcher for all modes. I will add an mode specific configuration too at some point. Although I haven't tested what happens when the timer is set to 0 but it should work and skip the launcher
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    Don't see a zero option and what does the close timer do? Will test on my way to work. Do you know when the GPS option will be availabe?
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    Sorry I had named it to Disabled it seems. So the start timer is used when the mode is started and close timer is used when the mode is closed. There is the same popup launcher when mode gets closed at certain time (with the start button replaced with close button of course). For the same reasons than for starting the mode so you can cancel it easily if want to leave the mode on. Not sure if its feasible to have different timers for both or not. Maybe on timer option would be enough...

    Anyway I will modify the auto start/close selectors in mode configuration to be:
    disabled/enabled/immediate where immediate will bypass the launcher popup.

    About the location trigger I'll try to do it this weekend, but I am not promising anything.
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    no problem evaluating different settings now
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    it seems like it runs about 1 minute behind the time
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    Yes it does, actually half a minute Didn't think that anybody notices But I will fix that too tonight. There's a very good functional reason for it but it can be fixed by placing the timers half minute earlier which I shall do I just don't know why I didn't figure out that earlier...

    Fixed now in latest release (see my first post about beta release).
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    My sound settings don't seem to hold. I've only got 3 modes setup right now; Default, Work and Car. Default - all volumes at full, no wireless, no BT. Car - all volumes full, BT on, no wireless. Work - volumes at half, no BT, Wireless on. I've switched between the modes manually and can see the BT and wireless icons coming and going as they should. The sliders in the sounds window never move. It's always at full volume no matter what mode I'm on. Also, at the top of the mode selector menu it always says Ringer ON IM online even though I have my IM off in all my modes.
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    Actually those sound widgets should be disabled. There seems to be problem with mojo widgets that there are no disabled state to those sliders. I disabled those since I am still adding support for those configuration options. Sound should be ready maybe tomorrow. I have the code from my very first version only need to fit it in to this new cleaned version. I know it's little confusing that I put already all config options that I plan to implement for the first version in even they are disabled, but I wanted to get first working version out for testing and as much code in than possible so the additions will be small and hopefully problem frees Other reason for this was that I can put the whole configuration system in the code already so when I enable those disables parts as they'll get implemented your mode configuration should work and there shouldn't be any need to reset them.

    Oh and I completely forgot to mention that the info part in the menu (ringer/im status) doesn't update yet will add that too soon. Reason I forgot to add the code in is that I actually wasn't sure that what to place on there. Any suggestions? Since nice to know things are: ringer/system/message sound state and IM status at least, but cannot fit everything there without the menu coming too crowded.
    Don't know if the sound settings could be somehow combined informatively? If somebody has any ideas please share them.
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    New bugfix release of the app and new version of the topbarmenus patch. There was small error in the patch that if mode switcher is deactivated it still send the trigger events which most likely still was blocked by the app so no harm done but still should not happen now.

    Updated packages can be found from the first beta release post:

    Next I'll finish the sound settings support, then add the info display functionality in the menu patches (the top most item which is not updating at the moment) and then will finish the location trigger. And of course squash those bugs when found. Still if you have any ideas for the menu info part (see my previous post) I am happy to here them.
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    Do you plan on make the topbarmenu app compatible with the ohter patches. Add date, Jason's device megamix, battery percent. Those are most have for me. I installed the app but left off the topmenu part.
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    Once the app is out of beta I can make other versions of the patch. And definitely try to make version that won't conflict with other patches. The modeswitcher version of the patch should already install with other patches. It won't give you menu but at least charger trigger support.
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    New beta release with few more features enabled. Now the sound related configuration options should work. I would have liked to add also full mute/sound/vibrate configuration for ringer sound and enable/disable for system/media sounds, but it seems that there's no reasonable way to do that at least now. The ringer stuff could have been add but then the palm sound configuration application could not show the info correctly which I don't like. Anyway the volume setting should be enough in a way since you can mute by setting volume to zero.

    As usual the new version (0.6.3) can be found from the first beta post:

    I'll try to add all missing features during this weekend.
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    I think the gps location will bw cool once implemented. The timer works well. I am on my way to work now which is not my normal routine so the time of day setting would not be viable. The location trigger would work well in this case. Have you thought about adding a faq page or adding built in help like geostrings does question marks popup to help the user with the different sections. Great app.
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    I think that the location based activation and the charger activation will be the most used, and the time based trigger will be used as an additional limit. For instance I will make the location stuff so that if there is a time based trigger set also then the location will not be checked at all when the time interval does not match the current time. This will save the battery a lot when it's no need to check it all the time. I also add other ways to ensure that the effect on battery life is minimal when using location based trigger. So I am hopeful that I get it done during this weekend, but since there is so much to take into consideration since I want the location trigger to work well but without the drain on battery. I hope when all features work that at least some are willing to donate something since I have put quite much of my free time into this app, but anyway the app will remain free even without the donations . About the faq. I try to make the app as intuitive as possible when all features are in, but since the app allows quite complex activation schemes I'll have to add some kind of faq or help page so people know how to take full advantage of this app.

    Later today there will be release with the screen configuration enabled which I implemented yesterday just have to test it before release. And now back to implementing that location trigger...

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