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  • Bluetooth device trigger

    35 21.47%
  • Screen state trigger

    14 8.59%
  • Calendar event trigger

    40 24.54%
  • Silent switch trigger

    32 19.63%
  • Headphones trigger

    19 11.66%
  • Signal strength trigger

    23 14.11%
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    Quote Originally Posted by gollyzila View Post
    I have a touchstone mode that auto starts By Selection. When the popup shows, I only see black instead of buttons.
    This was fixed in 1.0.3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by compuseum View Post
    I'm still playing around with MS until I learn how to use its potential, but I'm stuck:
    I'd like to have a toggle-function like
    - When Application X is started, turn on GPS
    - When Application X is closed, turn GPS off
    I was able to do the 1st half but the "turn off"-part gives me headaches.

    Is it possible? If yes, how can it be done?
    The application trigger only works based on foreground app. So you can get it to set gps on when certain app is on foreground and close when its not (with small delay which is mandatory). Your default mode or what ever is started after the mode close needs to have GPS state set to off and the mode that starts with the app trigger needs of course GPS set to on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SineOt View Post
    Is the inability to run it in the background a technical limit of webOS on the Pixi that would require a fix from Palm, or just something that you haven't had the hardware/time to figure out how to get it running?
    At least it does not work like in Pre. So even apps started on luna start are closed by the system. And since I don't have a Pixi I haven't tried any other options, but I am pretty sure that there is no way to do it currently. But my hopes are in the upcoming JSJSJS $services$ $so$ $I$ $could$ $change$ $core$ $part$ $into$ $one$ $JS$ $service$ $and$ $therefore$ $get$ $rid$ $of$ $the$ $patch$/$dashboard$.
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    New thread for 1.x version of Mode Switcher is now started. This will be locked soon. So please go to:

    Mode Switcher 1.x
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    Need to update my thread subscriptions.

    Mode Switcher Rocks!
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    <<Closed by OP Request>>

    Please use the new thread at: Mode Switcher 1.x

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