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    Same Thing Here Achill3s.......weird....
    My HTC Evo Is Great...
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    achill--i get that behavior as well. Not overly disturbing, but disturbing nonetheless. A card flies away right before the browser opens. I created another icon by using add to launcher, and that one works super smooth. I like the icon this one created though.
    We can get the icon for this one from the phone, but I don't know how to manipulate/edit the icon for "apps" (bookmarks really) that are added to the launcher from a webpage.
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    .... Moving back to thread ... But a little new direction.

    when can we get a app with the idea tams site has...?
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    There is a PreCentral app that works, but the color scheme is rather horrid in 0.2.0. When I did the search from Preware, it went to the official app store for the download.
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    Where can we find the source code?
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    I do think after the Engadget and webOSroundup apps, it's time for an official app. Please?
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    WebOSroundup did a great job.
    PreCentral deserves a much better app than Engadget or WebOSroundup.
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    Not sure what happened to this app but it no longer works for me. Keeps re-directing to the full site. I really liked the way this app worked. It was clean and simple. I have uninstalled and re-installed it but it keeps redirecting to the full PreCentral site.

    Anyone else having this problem?
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    dito. PC changed something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by damnregister View Post
    dito. PC changed something.
    OK. Not just me then. Dieter!!!!! Please change it back!!!
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    Also, user-inserted hyperlinks within posts do not open a new card like it should, FYI....
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