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    This is the Thread for PalmBox. Please let me know what you think about this new tool to secure your sensitive data like bank account numbers, credir card numbers, passords, etc. on your WebOS based phone.

    This app is free. If you want to make a donation I will really appreciate:
    PayPal, sent to:

    Thanks yor very much for your support
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    This is a slightly modified version of my Keyring app with a few cosmetic changes. You have removed my copyright statements, and given me no credit for my work. Worse, you have the nerve to ask for donations. I will contact the site owner, and have your app taken down ASAP.

    What you have done is illegal, rude, insulting, stupid and venal.

    Keyring is licensed under the GPLv3, an open source license that freely allows copying. There is nothing preventing you from "forking" keyring, making a different version of the app under a different name. However, you are required (by law) to retain the copyright statements, to release your version under the GPLv3, and to acknowledge my (extensive) work in creating the code. You have done none of this, and you are in violation of copyright. You should read up on the GPL, and on copyright in general.

    GNU General Public License - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Copyright - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Wow, henryaga, that is pretty low.

    Btw, I love Keyring, it's very nicely done and I appreciate your work, krid!
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    Just sad
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    app pulled.
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    We were talking by email for weeks. In my last emails I asked you about it, but you never replied my emails and I though you doesn't care about it.

    This is copy of a part of the email that I sent to you:
    Hi Dirk,

    Now, everything is working fine with the new 0.1.3 version. Thanks.

    I am thinking in work with your source to add more features, like add more fields, add more stuff in how it looks, better management of the information for the user, make easier the process to export-import, etc. I know keyring is an open source, and you put it letting people to work with it, but I would like to know is you like to let me do that and share the final app for free too, but maybe with a different name, always showing your name as a developer of the main code.
    As I though you doesn't care about it, I did not put your name in this version. I do not want to put your name without your approval first. But, I will very happy to add your name as a developer of the main code in every place you want of this app, as I asked you in my emails.

    I am so sorry for any inconvenient. I know this looks like "pretty low" action as Webfellow said. I am sorry, I am not a developer, I am a single person trying to learn something new. I have never worked in an app before and I was working on this as a personal project, just for fun.

    I am sorry for all my mistake.
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    Please start by familiarizing with the GPL-concept, I'm sure if you honor it people will be very excited to use your version too!
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    Thanks Pulp!

    I took a look of a general information about GPL, but I only found restrictions like:
    "When someone distributes a GPL'd work plus their own modifications, the requirements for distributing the whole work cannot be any greater than the requirements that are in the GPL"

    Maybe I am not a good reader, SORRY!

    Once again, If I am not understanding this concept completely, please, let me know how I can fix that. I would really like to do something to fix any mistake.

    In any case, I really appreciate your comment. Thanks
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    Hi Dirk! I sent you another email today after see all this stuff to your [EDITED BY DIETER: NEVER post other people's email address!!] account. Please take a look of your email account and let me know if I can do something to fix this mistake.


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