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    PreFart.... the idea of that name made me laugh. Suppose it's just a bunch of stomach gurgles that PREcede the actual flatulence.
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    Well looks like I am gonna have to scrap my "Turd Machine" that I was working! Seriously, you beat me to it as I was working on my first app that involved free farts. I had the same drive as you because the previous free fart app was horrible and I craved something better.

    I like your app so much that I scrapped mine and using yours now. Good work!
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    Lol, yeah that would be cool. Yes, the UI does need some work and don't forget to change out the icon...but still, the functionality is good and you can actually hear the farts.
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    I was in a public place waiting in line and i couldn't wait to install and launch this great app.
    Then i put the Pre switch to vibrate and clicked the first fart....
    Guess what? It did play loud!!!
    I also tryed to lower the volume (later at home). But is still plays loud.
    To me it sounds as a Pre bug, not your application.

    Tell me if you can reproduce this (GSM Pre WebOS 1.3.1).

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