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    Quote Originally Posted by MacGyver24 View Post
    wow its allot of old people here at this 22 can hear it at 19khz
    On this site, or on this thread? Naturally this thread is attracting higher age groups because of the nature of the app, silly!
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    can't find it in the app catalog
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    Just tried it on my 10 and 12 year old, and I have to say it works. Lots of Fun....
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    Thats why its in the homebrew apps section. I'm pretty sure its not in the catalog yet.

    By the way I tested it on my 58 year old mother and she couldn't hear anything past 12khz.
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    I found this app Mosquitones in the official catalog that does this same thing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryce14 View Post
    I found this app Mosquitones in the official catalog that does this same thing!
    From the looks of it thou you can't use them as a ringtone or play continuously. Therefore for the same price 99c you should get mine
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    17khz is the max I can hear it (41 years old). I'm a teacher and used it at school one day- All the kids were looking around to see who was playing it- They thought someone was messing with their phone, playing the mosquito ring tone. Hehheeh!
    I know that it works at 22khz- I have several cats and from across the room you can see them perk up the second I play it, like they just heard a loud noise, and I guess they did!
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    I'm 45yrs old and I can only hear up to 14khz, but I've been around airplanes and jet engines for the last 25yrs. I have always used hearing protection; even now when flying 737's. But I do wonder about the kids and young adults that are blasting their ears with mp3 players and earphones. I think the extended exposure to that will be worse that all the Who and Stone's concerts I attended!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Technologic 2 View Post
    Tried to find out what level I could hear (I'm in my 50's) had to stop, my 20 year old screamed for me to stop! Will try again with no one around.
    (It was fun though ) Would be great for a teacher to aggravate students!
    it is i use it all the time
    i be laugh my *** of every time i use it and they start screaming whats that sound
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    I can't hear anything above 8 khz (and can BARELY hear that).

    Although I'm not the least bit surprised.. My hearing sucks, esp in the high frequency ranges, and I also have pretty significant tinnitus.
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    I purchased it and I can't hear anything... nah dah... does this thing work?

    OK, I have to give my age away, I'm 55 and I can't hear anything and neither does my dog?

    Does this thing do anything?

    Can you make a tone, so we at least know it's working?

    I feel like I got ripped off, in that for me I can't hear anything being done and since I have a dog, he should have picked it up and he doesn't!


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    Just updated to WebOS 1.4, TeenRepellent seems to not be starting up correctly. The Bottom two dropdowns are not showing up. The boxes are empty and the dropdowns non-existant. I have deleted and re-installed with no change. Any theories?
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    same here,,it needs to be updated for 1.4 I guess.hope developer is going to update because I love this app.
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    Seems 1.4 has borked your APP my friend, as I'm having the same problems as the above peps are?? When you update, I'll give it a try!
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    App is broken in 1.4, can you update us on weather or not you are working a fix for this insanefury? In the meantime I will have to think of an alternative method to annoy people's auditory receptors, I was thinking of playing Nickelback songs.
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    any chance of getting this available for a uk based user (ie me), i will happily paypal you 99c!
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    Will this be updated? It was fun to annoy my kids with.
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    App is working in 1.4 with new update. Thank you sir.
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    Doesn't appear to have been updated recently according to PreCentral, and the Lite version definitely isn't working. Can anyone else confirm that it is working?
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    lite version still not working
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