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    This application is Exceptional! Easy to use, Nice and Neat! I love the fact that I can now use Hebrew! I can send Hebrew e-mail msgs, that makes life much easier for me. Also, I can write my notes and stuff in Hebrew.
    Thanks again for this excellent application.
    Also, a personal thanks for the developer and his help all along.
    The best (most useful) application I downloaded so far. {and I have my Pre "all" the way from the beginning!}
    Keep up your great work!
    ! תודה רבא
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    "My Home Key" is the perfect addition to the Pre.

    It enables me to do much wanted stuff that was not possible until now.

    I wish PalmPreacher much success in ALL of his Apps. and I sure hope he comes up with more such useful Apps.

    Thanks / תודה
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    I've got only Praise for the Developer of the outstanding Application!

    What smart guy he is!

    Cant wait for more goodies...

    Keep 'em comin!
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    how do i install korean fonts??
    I tried the way same as hebrew fonts but it did not work.
    Please help I have been trying for 3weeks now.
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    I have downloaded hebrew2go and it works. There is a problem entering a second line of text. In addition when I open and use Hebrew2go I get Ads by AdMob on the top of the screen. How can I stop it? does this app. connect to the Web with the user being unaware of it??
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    what am I missing. When I press open on the downloaded file it says:
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    I have the Hebrew fonts installed, so I can view Hebrew on my browser (HP Touchpad). I installed the Hebrew2go ipkg, I have installed keyboards, but no Hebrew shows up, neither in the third tab from the left on the lowest text line, nor in Regional Settings when I set up the keyboard. Also, does anyone know how to remove excess keyboards?
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad
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