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    Now on the App Catalog!!

    Everyone knows that staying organized as as a student can help you do better in school, and now, just in time for the new year, an app to help you do just that. A+ Student Organizer makes it easy to manage and organize the important details for all of your student life. This app will manage all of the tedious details like keeping track of your grades and calculating your GPA all while housing all of the information you need as a student right at your finger tips. A+ Student Organizer can even add your entire schedule to your calendar in just a few taps.

    However, A+ Student Organizer is more than just a app to store your student information, it is an app which is built from the ground up to keep you focused on what you need to do right now. With A+ Student Organizer you can stop worrying about what assignments you have coming up, they are all organized for you in the grades view. And with A+ Student Organizer you can divide and conquer your larger assignments down into smaller steps all while maintaining focus on what you should be doing now in the tasks view.

    Even as powerful as A+ Student Organizer is, many improvements are in the pipeline. Dashboard notifications for task reminders, data backup to the cloud, and desktop data entry are all in the works.

    Planned Improvements for Future Versions of A+ Student Organizer

    - Translation into Spanish, French, German & Italian along with support for alternate grading scales.
    - Icons to represent your courses.
    - The ability to store and track more class specific information commonly found in the sylubus.
    - The ability to track textbooks.
    - The ability to add class times on an A week/B week rotation.
    - Support for classes that do not start and end at the same time as the school term (i.e. half semester classes).
    - The ability to easily remove class times which fall on hollidays (i.e. spring break).
    - The ability to track and record abscences and tardies.
    - Support for instructors which use a weighted grading scale.
    - The ability to link files (pdf, word, excell, voice recording of lectures) directly to courses and grades.
    - Enhanced support for and color coding for various assignment types.
    - Greater visibility of overdue tasks.
    - Dashboard Reminders for tasks.
    - The ability to link classmates and instructors to the course.
    - Easy colaboration with these linked classmates to complete assignments.
    - An online portal to allow the input of information online and which would back-up the information stored on your phone.

    I don't know how long it will take me to impement each of these improvements, but the better the app is recieved, the more work I will be able to put into it. If there is anything else that you can think of please let us know!

    Getting Started Using A+ Student Organizer

    PreApptastic has written up a great review on their website, expecially if you are still undecided on purchasing A+ Student Organizer.

    PreApptastic has a link to this as well, but just in case, here is a to walk you through geting started, which now has audio, thanks to Dan Bush.

    We want your feedback!

    We are striving to make A+ Student Organizer into the BEST student organizer there is, and to do this we need your feedback. If there are any features you would like to see in a future release, please let us know. If you find any bugs, let us know and we will do our best to fix them in a timely manner. As this is an initial release there are many things we are planning to add but we need your help to really make it a killer app.

    You can send us your feedback either by posting on this forum or by emailing us directly at
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    This is very well thought out! Great work! Is it possible to set holidays and term start/end dates as well to keep the calendar clean?
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    As far as term start & end dates, if you go to the app menu and select "School Terms..." you can select your school term and set the term start and end dates.

    Right now, the only way to handle exceptions to the class schedule like holidays is to go into the calendar app and alter the individual occurrence, but this is something that should be coming soon. In future versions, when you are creating time and place information you will be able to remove individual class times right in the app.
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    Great app! I take online courses so I don't have a set time to attend class. Would it be possible to integrate a checkbox for online courses so the calendar stays clean? Also maybe I am in left field here, but I like to track assignment details in my calendar, such as detailed professor instructions so I do a lot of copy/pasting into my all day events so I can pull up the assignment on-the-fly on my Pre. Would it ever be possible on the Pre to have a desktop companion so the copy/pasting could be done on your PC and sync to the phone? Right now I accomplish this by creating an all day event in my Google calendar on the due date and paste assignment details into the body of the event. I used to track my assignments in Outlook tasks but since they don't sync, I have moved on to the calendar feature of Gmail.
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    Yea, I don't think you are in left field at all. Great suggestion about a checkbox for online courses, I will try and include that in the next update. And I agree that it would be awesome to list the assignments along with any notes right in the calendar entry for that day. Doing this might be a little complicated, but I'll work on it. For right now, if you don't hit the button to sync class times with your calendar, no events will be added.

    As far as desktop sync, eventually I would like to have a cloud based website where you could enter information and have it automatically sync with your pre, that way you can organize your student life wherever you are.

    Once the full version hits the app catalog (which hopefully should be soon as it has already been submitted) I would recommend that you try using it to organize your assignments. This will keep your calendar even cleaner as you won't have to have a bunch of all day events, and all of your professor instructions can go in the details section under each assignment. This way the application can keep track of your grades so that you always know where you stand, and you can easily see what assignments you have coming up and also what you have completed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KenCorbettJr View Post
    As far as desktop sync, eventually I would like to have a cloud based website where you could enter information and have it automatically sync with your pre, that way you can organize your student life wherever you are.
    This would be a perfect solution!
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    Thanks for this app, I think it is going to be very useful for the upcoming semester! I think that the cloud backup would be great! Being able to enter information and have it stored on a website would greatly improve the functionality of this app.

    Also, do you have plans to have A+ have it's own calendar on the Pre calendar app? Having assignments and tasks populate in the all calendars view would be a great feature.

    When it hits the app catalog, what price will it be?
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    Actually, when you add a place and time for your course it creates a separate A+ Student Organizer Calendar in the Pre calendar app which will have all of your class times. However, it doesn't show which assignments or tasks are due at that class time. This is a feature which I plan to include in the future. And one thing I should mention, make sure your school term start and end dates are correct because your class times will only be added between those two dates.

    As far as the price, I wanted to keep it cheep because I know students don't usually have a whole lot of money, so I am listing the app for $2.99, which is cheaper than most pen and paper planners that many student carry.
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    Simply amazing app. Sounds like everything I would suggest is in the works already. Life saving app and would become my number 1 app in no time.

    I know you prob can't answer this question but do you know around what time it will be available in the app store? My 2nd semester starts Jan 28th, it would be awesome to have this when it starts.

    Great work you get a A+ sir.
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    I certainly hope so. This has always been my plan as I know many people have new semesters starting soon after the new year, so I would look for it soon.
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    This looks to be an interesting app. I will be trying it out.
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    it's a really cool app, maybe you can write one with the eu grade system? grades from 1-6
    for test, homework and so on

    but its on the right way
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    Actually, I would love to build in support for the EU grading system, but having never attended school in the EU I am a little unfamiliar with the grading scale over there. If you email me at with as much information about the grading scale as you can remember. I may have a few questions for you, like what is considered failing/passing? Is it possible to score higher than a 6? At the end of the term will your grade be rounded to the nearest number? And I'm sure there may be more.

    Additionally, anyone else who would also like to see alternate grading systems built into A+ Student Organizer please send me a similar email to and I will do my best to incorporate them. It may take me a while but eventually I would like A+ Student Organizer to be flexible enough to work with any grading system.

    At some point in the future, I will also be working to translate this app into foreign languages. Although it might be a few months before I start work on this, if you would like to help me in translating this app into a language you are familiar with send me an email as well and when I am ready I will contact with specific questions.
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    Your awesome bro.
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    I'm not sure if webOS is at this point right now considering it's new, but some collaboration features would be very nice to have. If you're working on a project/assignment with someone, you both can keep track of what parts have been completed, share notes, etc. Again, could probably be integrated somehow with your web server idea.
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    You are right, I could see that being really useful. I'll put it in the requested change log, and we will see what we can do.
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    great app for those in school, have you considered making it into a general purpose task tracker? From playing around with it and the screenshots I think you could make this into a great task tracker. Hopefully you will consider it when you are done making this app.
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    Hi, my school timetable is on a week a week b basis, where i have a different order of subjects each day, and then the weeks repeat after each other, is there a way to intergrate this into your app?
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    Your app is amazing. i would like to say that this app is masterful and highly useful and i look forward to seeing this app grow in the future. and this is coming from someone who usually doesn't post for things like this. my only suggestion for an app like this is that i think you should put something in there to store maybe pdf's to look at a syllabus or maybe provide an area where you can put syllabus information. that would be cool. also different teachers tend to have different percentages per assignments. lets say a final is worth 30% of the grade, or homework is worth 15%, and so on. i wuld love to see those updates. again this app is really amazing and i look forward to see its growth in the future. i will definitely purchase this app.
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    Thank you everyone for the feedback! It really helps us developers know what to focus on.

    As far as support for classes with a A week/B week rotation (common in quite a few high schools) should be coming with the next release. This is something we definitely want to support, it just didn't make it into the initial release but if all goes as planned it should be added soon.

    I like the idea of adding the capability to save a pdf/word version of the syllabus under the course information, and we do plan on adding the ability to input many other details from the syllabus right into the app. We would like to expand our instructor information from just a name to actually include contact details & office hours. We would also like to allow class websites to be easily stored and accessed.

    As far as grading weights, this should be a feature which is coming soon too. Including the capability for grading weights just added complications which made it impossible to include in our initial release but we have wanted to include this in the app from the beginning. Hopefully we can add this soon.

    If anyone else has any other suggestions please let us know!
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