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    MetalFan Homepage

    MetalFan is the right app for people who like it to hear hard and loud music. We at Tamoggemon Ltd are very proud to offer you this huge application. MetalFan includes a lot of bands and media contents (such as pictures, videos, docs and mp3). You'll find a (neary) monthy growing choice of bands. Tamoggemon Ltd been in contact with a lot of bands to get permission to use official contents of bands.

    In the app you'll find bands playing Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Folk Metal and Power Metal, such as Iced Earth, Cage, Blaze Bayley, Chaserock, Finntroll and a lot of more bands! It's really worth to install this app on your Palm webOS phone - so don't hesitate and rock on...


    Today the full version isn't published, but you can download the trial version as homebrew-app or in the palm app catalog.
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    If you're interested in the full version, click here.
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    The Fullversion (beta) can be downloaded here.
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    Does the full version have more bands?

    I did a search for aerosmith and nothing!
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    I wouldn't consider Aerosmith metal.
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    I am not finding alot of bands in the beta version either. No testament, overkill, metal church, etc

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