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    I've written a small application to show how much of you O2 quota you've used. It retrieves the data from the O2 website and presents the information in a clear and concise way.

    Only written for the Irish O2 website at present. If there's interest, I'd be willing to extend it.
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    Looks nice; can't test as I'm on o2 UK but if you decide to update this to support o2 UK I'd definitely use this!
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    This would be great for O2 Germany too!
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    O2 UK Business as well please!
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    Wow, I would LOVE to see this for O2 UK Great job. Cool name for the app too
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    Great fantastic job....I need this for GERMAN o2 !!!!
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    Cool, if it would work for O2 UK that would be real cool.
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    O2 UK please. Not sure why it even requires requests in the first place as I believe there are more O2 UK customers out there than O2 Ireland so naturally there would be plenty of interest which this thread already shows.
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    Thanks for the interest.

    The reason it's written for the Irish market is because that's where I am, and that's the site I have access to.

    In order to try to extend it for other markets (UK and Germany presumably), I need to be able to pull the same information from the respective pages.

    So... I need help. Either some of you have to be willing to let me log in using your credentials, or you need to find the page with the usage data on it and send it to me, along with the login and stats page urls.

    Obviously the former is preferable, as it'll speed up development and debugging, but opens up privacy issues.

    If you're interested, PM me.


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    I think there is no such site to view your used minutes etc on O2 in Germany Thats what I am missing for two or three years...
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    Yes GERMAN O2! There is already an app called netstat. Almost fits my needs but also showing how many free sms and call minutes left would be awesome!

    But I dunno if it is possible. I already searched for a function on the german 02 website to show my stats. No Way...

    Also willing to help in any way. Have marked this post. Perhaps there is a solution for that problem. Already called O2 Germany because of this. They said they are working on it.
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    Sounds like a great idea and I am happy to let you try it out on my uk 02 account. I will pm you my email address and we can send details through that ?
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    It would be nice to have an app like this for sprint.
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    Hi, have you had enough details from someone yet for a UK version? More than happy to provide if not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedy_ss View Post
    O2 UK Business as well please!
    Sorry, off topic.

    Did you get 10 Free Landlines included in your plan, and if so are they viewable from 'My 02' ?

    I had to set up mine through the Support network, but despite numerous emails, I can not access the number on the O2 website, in case I want to change them. They keep fobing me off with a problem with new Codes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillysdon04 View Post
    It would be nice to have an app like this for sprint.
    would be nice to see how much I use monthly, even though i have an unlimited plan
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    another request for UK please!!!
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    I'm in the UK and I'd instantly download this the second it works for UK. Nice work with the name as well. Sounds like germany likes it too.

    @phillysdon04 would be nice to have sprint navigation in the UK, and pandora, and an OTA music store... Time will tell I suppose.
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    Hi installed the app no problem but cant seem to login, it says enter your name and password I assume these are for the site, but the login is a phone number and password for this. Tried both but just hangs on login.

    Sorry my bad. works really well great app, cheers. great to see Irish based apps for the pre.
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    Thought I should keep you up to date on the app. So, here goes....

    Ireland. works fine. Horray!

    United Kingdom: Several of you were nice enough to respond with screen dumps etc. One of you was particularly nice, and trusted me enough to give me their login. Even with this though, I've run into a wall. I can log in to, but not in a way that gets me into the allowance page. To that end, if there are any uk web developers out there who might be interested in helping me out, I'd love to hear from you. Lob a PM my way and I'll run the problem past you.

    Germany/anywhere else.
    To have any chance of doing it for any other website I'll need two things.
    [1] Someone's credentials - the UK experience proves that without seeing what happens on login, there's *no* chance I'll be able to get it work.
    [2] The URL for the allowance page in your country. My german is rusty to say the least, so this would help.

    Sorry it's not better news.

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