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    Sucks that the o2 UK site's being difficult, but thanks for trying so hard to get it to work for us!
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    It's O2 UK's fault for not providing their customers with such an app for their new "exclusive" smartphone when they provided one for the iPhone, and they are charging us just as much. May be if enough of us complained about it directly to O2, they would do something about it.
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    Thanks, this is a very handy app.

    I'm using it in Ireland, and on the O2 plan I'm on it shows up two amounts, number of MMS messages and data usage, which is fine as my plan doesn't have a specific number of minutes, or included text messages.

    The two amounts are showing in the wrong places with the wrong icons and text, i.e. the MMS messages show up where the remaining minutes should be, and the data shows up under the MMS messages.

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    Only just saw your post - apologies for the delay.

    I noticed a problem with the data section of the app a couple of days ago. There was a slight change to the website I wasn't taking account of.

    Having said that, I haven't seen the problem you're telling me about. I think you hit the nail on the head regarding your problem - I assume that you have an allowance for phone,sms,mms and data. I'm doing a basic scrape from the website, so I don't try and work out which table is which.

    I'll have a look into it. I've been spending my time trying to get the app working on the (4th attempt at this point ). If I can, I'll update the app in the next couple of days.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Ooh, fingers crossed.. major kudos from the brit contingent if you can
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    To the op & author.

    great looking app and just what i have looking for... Tho like most here i 'need' the uk version.

    I know what you are trying to do can be done as
    there is a 3rd party iphone app that does this. It may be that the author is willing to help you...

    Mobile allowance

    worth a try.
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