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    I'm trying to find cowTasks - it sounds really cool.

    Are they blocking you again?
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    If I can help in any way please let me know. I'm learning pre coding and have the sdk
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    hi there! great app! thanks for all the hard work
    i second the wish for offline tasks and have another one:
    could you please change the icon to something well..task or atleast cow like? the burger is just killing me..

    thanks again!
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    Five bucks coming your way, man! Also, check the message I sent along with the donation.

    Thanks for making this happen!
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    What's the progress on this app. Really like it! Awesome task solution for me!

    Some improvements:
    -Offline task storage
    -Use of the notification system in webOS like the normal task app
    -Better error handling

    Where can i donate in order to receive a version with no expiration date or something?
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    I'm hoping for an update as well. The app expires at the end of the month. I'd be up for donating if I knew this app would be usable and would be updated sometime in the near future. Otherwise, it might be time to migrate my task management needs again.
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    App will be updated this weekend to prevent expiration, although no new features at this time
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    Thanks for the app d0lph1nK1ng.

    When I launch it now, it opens up the "Lists" page and then seems to be stuck in a loading loop. I've left it now for a few minutes and there's been no change.

    When I switch to the "Today" view, the spinning loading thing appears briefly then goes away. Similarly for "Due this Week" and "Search".

    Is this forum list the best place for bug reports?

    (Also, I wish CowTasks were open source so I could help. As it is, I'll make a donation once it's working for me).
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    thanks for the app. I really look for ward to local storage on the device, and i for one will not be renewing my paid account if RTM does not do a better job of supporting web os.

    imhp if they were smart they would licence this as an official app and help support it
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    Hello again everyone. Unfortunately, I have left Sprint and switched to T-Mobile and picked up the Google Nexus One. Also, as I have had little available free time, I have not been able to work on this app as much as I would have liked to. So, that being said, I am declaring this app as Open Source. Please feel free to modify, distribute, and make this app better as a community. The source is attached to the original post. Good luck and enjoy!
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    Any chance of getting an update that does away with the expiration date before the end of the weekend?
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    also, CowTasks v0.1.2 has been released which gets rid of the App Expiration
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    Guys, if you feel the same way that I do, then we've got to keep this application going! I know absolutely zilch about programming. However, I'm a smart guy in the Engineering field with a desire to make this thing work as it should.

    Maybe this is my chance to shine?

    What say you?
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    I pledge to donate to any developer who takes over this project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    I pledge to donate to any developer who takes over this project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    I pledge to donate to any developer who takes over this project.

    Ditto, pending the addition of the following features:
    -Ability to use the quick-add syntax for tags, locations, due-dates, etc.
    -Recurring tasks don't freeze the app
    -Ability to change sorting hierarchy (Currently lists are sorted by priority then date. I'd like to be able to sort by date then priority)
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    I will pay for this application. Background notifications would be a killer addition.
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    Dammit! You guys are making me want to learn this stuff (not even for the money, just from seeing how many people feel like I do).

    I just know, though, that if I start to try to learn, someone who's super knowledgeable will swoop in and just get it done. As is, my time is very valuable (I get only a few hours a week to do open-ended stuff) and I don't wanna find out weeks down the road that I've wasted my time because it's already been done.

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    I just recently got into using RTM, and have been wanting a version on my Pre. I'm going to take a look at the source and see where it's at. Thanks for open sourcing it d0lph1nK1ng!
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