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    filemgr is also not working for me

    I haven't read the other posts, but is it possible to create files in /media/internal with the filemgr service?

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    Yes, it is. For me it works.
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    Would love to see the option to store a preferred send-to email address in the preferences. This way, you could prefill the TO-field when the emails are created (as long as the email function provides this option, dunno).

    BTW, did a cycle tour yesterday, position logged every 10s. The battery drain was 30% in 2.5 hours, which is not bad. 4 Emails were created, worked very good.

    I'd still love to see an offline renderer, statistics view (bicycle computer).
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    If anyone's interested, you can download tiles from Google Maps using Mobile Atlas Creator
    It's a neat piece of software that lets you download tiles from several sources in different formats. In order for Maptool to see your tiles you must select "OSMTracker file storage" as the output format.
    It's working great for me.
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    Nice find, I should write another blog article about all this possibilities for offline maps.

    @hux: what do you mean with offline renderer? You can use offline maps, MapTool don't need a data connection to work, actually I used it for hiking yesterday and once had to switch on plane mode to bring the GPS back to correct coordinates, the phone was locating to 0,0 all of a sudden.

    Will add options to specify a default email address and a default phone number and the dashboard...

    BTW: when you unlock the current location follow mode (just move the map a bit) MapTool will not load new maptiles when you move, saves some battery.
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    Hi Metaview,

    first at all: great tool. But when I just wanted to send me an E-Mail with the GPS Data, I turned tracking off and wasn't able to send the E-Mail any more... But after some research I found the sqlite DB. Is there a script / tool for converting your sqlite db already on web? If it's not, i would write one in Python 2x or Py3k...

    Btw ich komm aus Hamburg
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    tap on the zoom value and select List Tracks from the menü, tap on the track and select send track.

    Grüße in den Norden,
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    sorry to complain again, but FileMgr still does NOT work for me.

    My steps on a freshly doctored 1.4.1 German GSM Pre:

    - Installed FileMgr via Preware, Java Restart
    - Installed MapTool from App Catalog
    - created a track
    - -> List Tracks, selected the Track I want and pushed "Send Track"

    This gives me a new E-Mail with the GPX Data
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    damnregister: same at me, i took the sqlite DB and extracted the needed track with 1-2 hours work.

    henk: it really doesn't work, it creates an email, same @ me as @ damnregister
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    Maybe it's a question of FileMgr version. JayCanuck will hopefully release an update soon.
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    its Filemgr 0.5.1, do you got a newer Version? I won't bother you again if thats the problem
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    I have a newer version, but would like to say, it did work with the official 0.5.1 before. Anyway, the new version of FileMgr isn't far away, let's wait some weeks more.
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    how can i use this offline?
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    Download your tiles, copy them on the internal USB drive of your Palm Pre and select offline as renderer. Read here about it:
    L\’Haut-Parleur » Sources for offline maps for use with MapTool for #webos
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    I am using this on motorcycle rides with my group and I love it... not having to have a data connection is what sells this app for me. Is there any easy way for you to add the speed to the information that it pulls? I know you use it for different things, but this would be awesome if it showed some speeds.
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    I just installed FileMgr 1.0.0, and MapTool still isn't greating GPX file locally; it always generates emails. If I have time, I'll try uninstalling all of my patches and trying it again on the off chance one of them is interfering, but I guess I'm just stuck with emailing myself and manually reassembling split files.

    MetaView, have you had any thoughts yet about adding HDOP to the GPX files?
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    Hi there, I was having issues with the local storing of GPX files and saw there was a new version of internalz and installed that, to no avail. I figured that maybe a new install of MapTool with the new FileMgr service would be a solution, but since removing I am having a problem re-installing this through the App Catalog in the UK with 1.4.1. Is it possible to mail the IPK so I can install through QuickInstall?
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    I have observed the following behaviour.

    When I'm in offline mode, I can only look at maps within a specific range from my current position. What I want to do is use this app as an offline city map. That means scrolling through all the maps which I downloaded with JTileDownloader. Is that possible?
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    I would try Navit, I think it is more what you are looking for. It's still a work in progress, but it is usable:
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    @prenode tap on the map and you get a popup menu, tap the item with the coordinates and you will recenter the display at this point.
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