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    I have developed a Discount Calculator which will be in the app catalog as soon as it is approved.

    It will allow you to quickly figure out the price of an item minus its discount plus the tax.

    The app allows the user to enter 2 discounts. For example 50% plus 15% plus tax.
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    I can't wait. To figure tax on an item on the Pre...... tax%/100x item cost + item cost= price with tax.
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    Wow, had the thought for this app myself.
    Suggestions I have, is if you would have the tax area to remember different tax amounts, and be able to label them with the name of other towns. This way we could enter the tax amounts for the surrounding towns.
    Also a feature or a new app that would allow you to compare prices of merchandise by the volume of the product, and also if you had a coupon for one or both which item would be the most economical.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I will work on incorporating your ideas.

    I hope the calculator comes in handy during the holiday discount season.

    Happy shopping everyone.
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    Definitely like skrapke's idea about the taxes. I just came here to suggest having a setting for the default tax (so I can have it default to 6%), but his/her idea is even better.

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    I'm loooking forward to this one also. Thanks.
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    Very clean and simple application! My only suggestion would be to remember the Tax between program loads.
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    Nice app. There are two things I would change if it were mine. One is to have the tax blank, or be able to set it at a persons own default value. I am always having to change or delete the 8.875% tax. The other thing I would change (I know this may not be possible) is to make everything a little smaller and maybe having to delete the second discount, in order to put a number pad in the app. I personally only use the slide out keyboard when texting. Please don't take what I say as criticisms. The app works very well. I'm just saying what would work better for me. Hey, can't knock a free app too bad. I'm sure it's perfect for many just the way it is now.
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    Thank you for this app. Sometimes the simpliest app goes the farthest. Thanks.
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    Thank you all for all of the great feedback. I have just uploaded ver 1.0.1 of the Discount Calculator to the App Catolog.

    This new version retains the user's tax value, and populates the tax field with the value from the previous session.

    I will also be working on adding tax preferences, so that users can store different tax values for surrounding towns or cities that they travel to. As suggested by skrapke.
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    Hi, I have tried to find this app on my palm pre and I can't find it??? Any help would be appreciated!!

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