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    WM Alert is a beta app that will show you the current deal on the ODAT (One Deal At a Time) site Clicking the logo at the top of the screen will take you to the site. I You can use the forward and back buttons to view previous deals. The refresh button will always show the most recent deal.

    Thanks! and please give any feedback you'd like.

    Download here or in Preware

    Also check out my app for here.

    -Added forward and back buttons to view previous deals
    -Updated icon

    -Added refresh button
    -Fixed gray background when scrolling past content
    -Updated WhiskeyMilitia logo and Icon
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    Hey this is app is great! you did a great job. Its bad news for us addicts...ha

    Is there any chance that you might make a SteepandCheap app? Most of us will probably blow our life savings but you cant put a price on addiction.
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    actually, im planning on incorporating all the ODAT sites (WM, SAC, brociety, chainlove, bonktown, and tramdock) into this app. But while i've got you here, would you and anyone else like to comment if you'd like an app with them all included or if you think separate apps would be more appropriate?

    Thanks for the feedback! I am submitting an update today to include a refresh button and fix the gray background when you scroll too far that should be available for download probably tomorrow.
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    Hey, great app! Adding all of backcountry's ODAT sites would be genius.....Check out the WootOn! app if you have a chance, nice layout bar at the bottom for all their sibling sites.
    Keep up the good work!!!!
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    I've been thinking about making an app just like this (I hadn't found this one until now). I'd say definitely an app with all of the ODAT sites in one. Less clutter on the launcher pages. Maybe an option that remembers which site to show when the app is launched so those that prefer a particular one can customize. Or maybe show all deals on one page with the option of putting them in a particular order.
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    Thanks for the input! I will start working on adding them this week. Also thinking about adding an notification feature.
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    Decided to stick with Whiskey Militia for now. If a lot of people are really interested, I will make a separate Steep and Cheap one. Sorry for the long delay, I got a new job soon after making this and got really busy. I think the popularity of these ODAT sites may be winding down, but still, if anyone has any other suggestions or comments, feel free to let me know. Thanks!
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    Just submitted a copy of this app for! It's called SAC Alert. Check it out.

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