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    Pound (#)

    An IRC application for the pre. You can connect to several different Internet Relay Chat networks and join multiple Channels. You can currently connect to AfterNET and FreeNode and maybe Quakenet. Some others will be added as working qWebIRC gateways are identified.

    Unlike the other *excellent* IRC app for webOS called wIRC, Pound works WITHOUT any back-end services or 'rooted'* requirements. It does this by using http requests to existing qWebIRC installations which some IRC networks maintain. Because of this it may be easier to allow into the official app catalog, and is significantly less risky to install.

    Pound works well enough to use, but should be considered development version, and definitely has lots of TODO's and issues to be addressed. Please install it only if you understand that it is very much a work in progress.

    * The term 'rooted' (or sometimes called jailbroken) is misleading since, unlike iphones, all Pre owners have access to root via simple developer tools. What I mean is that the app runs completely in Palm's javascript sandbox and requires no extra services installed or run on startup.

    Current version is 0.1.1 (second public release).

    If you'd like to help, or download it without logging in, visit the project page on sourceforge: Pound | Get Pound at
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    Here is the TODO list so far, if you have ideas, or better yet can help implement them post here:
    • DONE Encurage first time users to input a nickname
    • resize properly for pixie and if there are events showing etc
    • Support channel listing (/list)
    • Add new network option / Delete network option
    • Some kind of organized plan for style/colors, and implement mirc color handling
    • alerts for when Pound is running in the background/highlights
    • size the channel/tablist smaller if there are fewer
    • Default network prefs to use Firstname as nick?
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    i'd like to see dynamic resizing of the main window area, so that when you have notifications it doesn't prevent you from accessing the textbox at the bottom. Also dynamic sizing of the channel list area button thing would be nicer looking. I really hope this evolves as it seems like a much lighter-weight option for irc thanks for the hard work
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    This looks cool! I'll pick it up when I get home tonight.
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    Sorry, I don't know much about the inner workings of IRC, but is there any way that's IRC server could be added?
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    Does anyone use Pound? Somehow I cannot connect to freenode. AfterNET seems to be okay. I've tried "","", "irc://". etc. and used each with and without the port # at the end. I can connect fine on my PC.
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    I'm having the same issue, I am able to connect directly at, however the same settings do not get me logged in using poundIRC, any advice on the exact settings to connect to the webos IRC feeds?
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    I'm not able to connect to any chat destination on I am trying to connect with poundIRC (#IRC) but I get a error:503. The streams are active directly through the web, but unable to connect through the app..

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