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    Paypal is obviously one of the safest ways to transfer money online without getting involved in any kind of hassle. When sending money via Paypal a reasonable amount is deducted and is charged as a transfer fee. To calculate this fee here’s a very useful tool known as PayPal Fee Calculator.

    The fee calculator contains all your standard options including the cross-border payment calculator.

    While there might be other free web apps available to calculate the fees PayPal charges you, this one will also let you shift from PayPal to other websites for which the fees you might need to calculate. These other websites include eBay,, Overstock Auctions, Etsy, Amazon Marketplace, ePier, and AuctionCheckout.

    Download .ipk file here

    I'm looking for some testers to make sure it runs fine on an actual device before I upload it to Palm. Tell me what you guys think! Thanks!
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    Wow... I see you guys are just rushing to this! Is there anything I can do?
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    ...this app is no longer downloadable from the app catalog. Would you please be so kind as to attach the latest version here?

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