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    Yup! I figured out that the Mac's TextEdit program defaults to rich-text formatting, which includes other characters, etc...

    When I switched it to plain text formatting - it worked like a charm...

    Thanks for your help, and thanks for a great, easy-to-use program!
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    Excellent! Out of curiosity, what made you lose your data in the first place (if you don't mind me asking)?
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    Any target version/date for enryption?
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    No firm date. Encryption would require a redisign and would also mean a seamless update path for the existing data. It's a feature that will most likely come, but I don't have any target date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hboisvert View Post
    Excellent! Out of curiosity, what made you lose your data in the first place (if you don't mind me asking)?
    I did the backup on purpose before a WebOS Doctor because of "stuck in headset mode" issue I had with my Pre.

    Wanted to have it at stock before giving it to Sprint Repair shop in my town, so did the encrypted backup beforehand...

    Ended up that they replaced the earpiece speaker in my phone and it fixed my audio issues completely. (THANK GOD)
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    I'm experimenting with using your tool for holding my old Centro cryptinfo password file. I didn't see in this thread where to put the file to import, but it looks like it goes at the top level directory when I make the Pre a USB drive.

    So I created something to import, gave it the name testcsv.csv:
    ;spotmau safe%paulk%xxxxxx
    This is what you call a CSV file, right?

    It imported fine. So I asked cryptonotes to email an encrypted backup, then I copied the encrypted text out of the email body, made a file out of it, then copied the file back onto the USB drive. Then I asked cryptonotes to import an encrypted file and I ended up with nothing in the file and no error message. Should this process have worked?
    Thanks for your efforts on this too, seems like somebody should make a password-protected safe for the Pre.
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    Yes, that process should have worked. Things t look for when making the encrypted backup import file:
    - make sure there is no white space (i.e. Tabs, enters or spaces) in the file. Some e-mail programs tend to wrap long lines
    - make sure that it's a plain text file. Some text editors tend to save as RTF or other formats. (see funktron2x's posts a few posts back)
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    Don't know what happened, tried it again and it worked. The only difference is that I left off the <enter> at the end of the encrypted text, maybe that was the problem.
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    That was definitely the problem the file has to be exactly as in the e-mail. Nothing extra.
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    I too vote for encrypting the database (or having that option) if we're being democratic. :-)

    You could also strip off the <CR> at the end of the file (and in the middle of the encrypted data for that matter) in case there's one there when you're doing an import. Some things like to slobber <CR>s into data.

    Thanks for your good work!
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    I was searching for something storing my notes on the PRE, but encrypted.
    Found CryptoNotes.
    Wanted to buy in AppCatalog.
    Found this thread. Hmm ... stored in plain text and database reader is easy to find.
    Buy? No. I will wait until data is stored encrypted. Then I will spend money, sorry.
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    Thank you for your comments. I just received my Pre2 developer device, so I'll be looking to see what can be done in webOS 2.0 for encryption.
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    Promo Codes
    The first 10 people to use promo code 3041f0b5-68c4-40d3-a934-5a022d942ffb will get a free copy of CryptoNotes This is valid from 2011-06-28 to 2011-08-26 inclusively.
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    Hi Hboisvert,

    Thank You for this great free app, I'm in Australia so can't buy it also. (Although you could add a donate button to you webpage)

    Things about this app that I like the most.....
    - Freeform text entry is great.
    - Searching is brilliant.

    A couple off questions/ideas for future versions.

    - Is there a limit to no many notes I can have? how many characters per note?

    - Encrypting the database in future would be desirable.
    - I find the font to big, would be useful if you could add the ability to choose smaller fonts.
    - As someone else has suggested, I'd appreciate the ability to have active web-links from within a note.

    A Great App.
    Thank You,
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    I forgot to mention that when I tried to import an encrypted file, as another user above has noted I also had to try a second time before it was imported. However I made no changes to the file beofre trying the second time as the other did.

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    Hey guys, i have a problem with this app, i hope someone can help me..
    I used crpytonotes for quite a while, but now, i had to reset my palm pre.
    I reinstalled cryptonotes on it (via preware) and i'm not able to access all my saved data anymore T_T.
    and i have no backup..
    is there anyway to get my data back ?
    My other files a still there, so there should be some data left from the previous installation, right ? I hope so, at least..

    please help..
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